How long do Coach bags stay online?

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  1. Ok, so this is a weird question, but I thought you ladies and gents would be the best people to ask!

    I've started a personal exercise and lifestyle challenge. Basically, if I can be accountable about diet and exercise for 10 weeks, I win :smile: I just made up this program myself based on a friend's comment that it takes 10 weeks to make something a habit. I want to make these changes permanent, so I'm starting with 10 weeks.

    I will be rewarding myself with a bag if I make all of my goals by the end of the 10 weeks. I've fallen head over heels for the pebbled leather Rory in the charcoal with fuschia trim that I've seen pics of on this board. But my challenge officially ends the second week of December. Do you think that the Rory bag will still be available then? I don't want to fall in love with a goal bag and then find it's gone by the time I hit the goal.

    I do have the option of just buying it now and putting it away until I reach my goal, but it doesn't seem as special as getting to order it once I'm sure I've made it. WWYD?
  2. That's an awesome goal to set ~ good for you!! And, good luck! :tup:

    From what I've seen, and someone else may have more experience or knowledge in this area - but I think some lines are available for a couple months or longer, and some get pulled after just a month... Not sure about the Rory in particular, but it seems like it's already been on the site for a couple of months, but they're really pushing the new Legacy's -- so it's possible Rory may be up for awhile so they can do Christmas sales... Guessing maybe by that time, they'll have new colors/styles available...

    What I might do is just keep an open mind, and if the Rory isn't an option by that time, another bag may come out that I could get instead...

    Or, maybe you could just call Coach and ask them...? Or what about checking with Macy's or Dillard's - some dept store that could have it as well... Again, good luck!
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    I'd wait for next PCE when you can purchase it on sale. Then put it away and do not use it until you reach your goal. This way you can secure your bag and in the event you do not meet your goal then you can decide if you can still keep the bag, or just save it for a christmas present to yourself (given it will be December). ;)

    Oh and good luck with your routine. During the summer the RM gals (minkette's) started a thread as a support group. It has kinda fizzled in the last month, but I have started changing my eating habits and have began a workout routine.
  4. the specific bag you are talking about is the textured rory and that color is actually not available in stores yet. That color can be ordered only from JAX so the fact it has not even hit stores theres a pretty good chance it will still be available in december
  5. Thanks for all of the feedback, ladies! I will take the advice to wait for the next PCE and see if I can grab one on a discount. And thanks for the well-wishes on the new health routines. It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally getting there!
  6. Next PCE is tomorrow btw.
  7. Thank you, karolyn, I just got the email! If you call Coach, will they allow you to use the PCE on an item that's not online or in stores yet?
  8. If its in stock, yes.
  9. I would recommend calling your closest store tomorrow, ordering it with the PCE, paying for it via credit card, then not going to pick it up until the 10 weeks have passed. That way, you've already paid for the bag, so it's not going anywhere, but you won't have it in the house to sneak peeks at - I would just let the SA know when you call to place the order when you plan to pick it up?