How long do beauty items last before they're discontinued?

  1. I'm sure NARS orgasm will still be around for another 30 years - but what about average popularity items. There is a blush by Clinique that is my Holy Grail - and while it's a popular enough item I wonder how many years they'll keep making it for? I'm tempted one of these days to buy like 10 of them (it's a powder blush) so i'll be set for life.

    What do you think an average run is for a product?

    And a side question: how long would a powdered blush last (unopened). Would it "go bad" - is it worth it to stock up?

    TIA!!!!! :flowers:
  2. i think powered make up like blush on does not have an long as you keep them in a good condition.. i know mascara, liquid eyeliners run until 6 months after when already opened....
  3. So what do you think? Am I crazy to buy in bulk in advance of it being discontinued someday?
  4. I say they produce so much of a product and then advertise it. Then when they sell out I say thats it... only guessing thou.:smile:
  5. hm... i think unless it is limited edition it is around forever until the sales dip so low that it is not worth producing anymore.

  6. HHAHAAAA LOL I cracked up sorry. I think you misread question dear.

    Products are discontinued if the manufacturer thinks sales is going downhill and not sufficient for sustenance of the product. Bear in mind there are always costs involved like advertising, shelf space (acts like rental), packaging, shipping etc. Another factor is the formula - if it's out of date and they found an improvement, the old product will get discontinued to make way for the new one. Time varies from product to product, can be 3 mths to over 10 years. Nobody knows, usually the Marketing Manager will decide 6mths beforehand if the company should keep the product.
  7. Thanks for you replied everyone. Has anyone else ever horded a products? lol

    I'm going to email clinique and see what they say.
  8. If you buy in bulk, refrigerate things and they should last longer. If a product gets a funny smell, it usually means its time to replace it.
  9. I wouldn't buy in bulk, you will always find a new product that you like...
  10. Agree with that! I love makeup because there are always new things to try. I bet though you could later find it on eBay if you are really stuck on the brand.