How long do assessments take?

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  1. I handed my alma bb epi in to be looked at as the leather is peeling on to top. This was over a week ago now. I was told I'd get a call in 2 days time. I didn't get a call so I rang customer service the next day. They said they'd leave a msg with the store to ring me back. Still no call... So I rang again another two days later and I was told there was no update and I'd just have to wait.

    How long do these things usually take?! I'm in Australia if that makes any difference...

    If the bag is deemed defective, do I get a credit, replacement or free repair? Bag is 6 months old and barely used. (Issue was discovered when 3 months old)

  2. An assessment should only take a day or two at most, unless the store is waiting on a repair specialist or manager, but they should still call you either way to keep you informed. If the bag is considered defective and non-repairable then it will often be replaced, otherwise it will most likely be sent for repairs...this is a case-by-case situation and is at the discretion of the store manager, but in the end LV will take care of you.
  3. It sounds like your bag was sent off site for the evaluation. Be patient, sometimes they get behind and the store can't update you before they hear back.
  4. Hmm that's fine as I usually am very patient, i just wish they had of kept me updated with what's happening :smile: as I have no idea what time frame to expect since I've never handed a bag in before.
  5. Ok thanks. Yeah that's why I have no idea what's happening because they haven't updated me when they said they would. Good to know they will take care of their customers though :smile:
  6. I think this might because of Australian speed? I have a TV need repair, so jbhifi took it n send for repair, 3 months , no update, even jbhifi cannot bear with it, so they called me n offered store credit instead
  7. forgot to mention, last time my wallet broke after 6 months' daily use, the Zipper pull fall off, they offered store credit or get a new same item. I think this is mainly decided by the manager who was on duty the day you came. I used to saw other manager in the same store who was not as nice ...