How long did you take to grow up your collection?

  1. Many of you have largest LV collections..
    did you collect them since you were young (it doesn't mean you're old ladies, sorry for my bad explanation):upsidedown::shame:
  2. I got my first LV when I was 10. My granny Deanne bought it for me at the LV on Bloor in Toronto. A keepall 55 w/strap. Fond memries. I still hav it. I'm going to give to my child some day.
  3. This June was exactly 10 years for me.:wlae:
  4. I only have 2 pieces and started this February. Money restictions. LOL.
  5. Not that I've posted my collection yet.....but it's been 11 years for me, started @ 20....
  6. I didn't start collection until March or April. I wasn't an LV fan until then. I have 7 or 8 pieces now.
  7. I'm still fairly new to LV compared to some ladies. It's been 2 years for me. I started in Sept. 2004 on my first trip to NYC. I was 20 then.
  8. WOW congrats!
    now you have to celebrate two birthdays :yahoo:

  9. Heh, now I don't feel so bad. I started June 2 (researched for a while before that though), and now I have 4, which seems like a lot for 2 months. But I'm done for the time being, unless the universe throws some extra cash my way!
  10. I got a Speedy when I was 12 (long story) then bought myself an Alma, then I got a Perfo Speedy as a gift, then I stumbled onto this board and I've gone completely insane!!! If you like LV or have a slight addiction, it will be full blown after a few weeks here! It's contageous!
  11. I started in February of this year and have 3. That seems like a my DH. ;) :lol:
  12. Got my first LV when I was 12 or was it 13? (Noe). Now I am 30 and will be 31 in Oct. So I would say almost 18 years.
  13. I always thought lv was out of my reach. Then in March of this year my husband was in las vegas on business and decided to just do it, and bought me my ph and the pti. Since then I've gotten the large bucket and the white mc alma and mono wapity. I think that's a lot for just 5 months, but I could seriously get a lot more if I didn't control the passion!
  14. mine took about 2 years
  15. Bought my first piece in Feb or March 2001 and growing....