How long did you have to wait for your boy bag?

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  1. I'm currently on two wait lists for the black medium caviar boy bag.. and the wait is so hard! One location told me 4-6 weeks and the other location said 3-4 months. I'm afraid that I might not even want it anymore when it gets here (although, that might not be such a bad thing).

    So, how long did it take you guys to get your boy bag?
  2. I was after a specific boy bag at the time, and it was the black Chanel jacket.. I asked my SA and to let me know when it came in since it's a seasonal piece. I think i only waited about a week ! I didn't know the black caviar boy had such a long waitlist though!
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  3. Can you call around? I saw one this week at NM at the Westchester Mall.
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  4. I waited a year for mine in black caviar medium with GHW. But I limited myself to one boutique.
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  5. A year! Holy crap! Were you told it could be that long?
  6. Are you looking for gold or ruthidium hardware?
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  7. Gold
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  8. Nope ! When something came in it wasn’t the size I wanted.
  9. I saw tons in Paris!
  10. I’m trying to stick with Nordstrom for the points! But good to know...
  11. for my old medium boy ruthenium hardware about 6 months
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  12. Wow! Now I’m thinking the estimates I got from the SAs might actually be too good to be true!
  13. PM'ing you.
  14. I was exactly in your shoes. In early December I put myself on the waitlist for both old medium black caviar boy rhw and the ghw list at a nordstrom chanel boutique. i didn't care which hardware.. I just wanted a black caviar boy bag.. i really wanted the chevron black caviar bag but was told that they don't have a waitlist for that since they won't be getting any. So they told me the waitlist for the boy bags were 6 months. Then on December 31st, I decided to put myself on another nordstrom chanel boutique store. They told me only a few months. Two days later that one called me and had my dream bag.. the black caviar chevron old medium with ghw! didn't even think I was put on that list because they also said they probably won't be getting anymore of those when i talked to them but they did!

    good luck. i say call other nordstrom chanel boutiques and put yourself on their waitlist too. they can mail you the purse.