How Long Did/Will You Wait to See a Specialist

  1. How long did you wait to see a specialist?


    How long will you wait to see a specialist?
  2. 6 months for me! I have not seen him a while tho...
  3. a year for me.. My friend went sooner though.. She just lied about the time frame.
  4. Exactly one year. But not sure of the next course of action though...
  5. if my OB couldn't get me pregnant in 12 months, I'd go see a specialist.
    My OB is actually mroe proactive than that though, in my 6th month of trying she said "this is my last month w/ you. I'm doing you a disservice by trying every month when you need more help."
    I got pregnant THAT month :biggrin:
  6. Forgive me, but I've already thought about lying about the time frame.:angel:
  7. I thought about lying too, but DH was totally against it and also pointed out that it would be a frivilous expense at that time... well we are 10 cycles (I count cycles b/c they are short as opposed to months) and it will be 6 weeks until I can get an appointment with a specialist. That gets me close enough to a year... DH is totally on board :tup:
  8. It takes two to tango! That's good news Tabbyco.
  9. My ob says that I should wait at least a year.
  10. We waited a little over a year. My RE said I should have come in sooner though. Then, it took us almost another year to get pregnant.
  11. My ob/gyn just referred me to the specialist for that reason... that they are Reproductive Endocrinologist, since I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and autoimmune disease attacking the thyroid... although I hope this is not the reason we are having a delay in TTC.
  12. It took 3 m/c to MAKE me see a specialist.. Cant wait to get pregnant again and cant wait to actually go through the whole 9 months!!
  13. 11 months
  14. Infertility is defined as trying for a year without success, so if you've hit a year, you should probably think about getting help. Personally, we tried for about 18 months before seeing an infertility specialist (I think I was in denial). I was 29 at the time. I think if you are young, waiting 12 months is reasonable. Once you are in your mid-30s, some would probably tell you to at least talk to a doctor about it after 6 months. That could be a regular OB/family practicioner, not necessarily a specialist. It doesn't mean you have to start doing any kind of treatment, but it might be a good idea to make sure there isn't some issue you don't know about that should be addressed. (Actually, it's probably good to have a pre-conception visit with a doctor anyway, even if you're not having trouble TTC). By late 30s, I wouldn't wait more than 6 months.
  15. how long after you all went to see a specialist did it take to get pregnant?