How long did it take your louis Vuittons handles to turn color?

My Speedy got some patina in approx. 5-6 months. I didn't carry it often so it took a while. I also kept it in its dustbag so it didnt' get a lot of exposure to air and light. My other mono bags got patina is less time because the were exposed to air and light.
pursegalsf said:
You get the patina the more you use it. Exposing it to sunlight helps a lot.

Yep, exactlywhat pursegalsf says. I have had my Speedy 30 since Nov. and there were hardly any signs of patina. But as soon as the girls here on the PF told me to give it some sunlight, it now has a little color. But just to let you know, I dont use it everyday, so it is taking lots longer.
i have had my alma for over one year and made the mistake of not using it too much and keeping it in the duster, now that i have been exposing it to air and natural sunlight it is starting to change
I think my speedy first started to get that honey-colored patina 3 months after I purchased her...but that's because I left her out every once in awhile to catch her breath and I used her daily! :love:
My speedy is 5 weeks old....and its turning nicely. I use it about 2 times a week but its on a table by a window that gets full light for about 7 hours a day EVERY DAY I am not using it. I am intrigued by the BAM in the car trick. Might have to try that this summer.

Its not unusual for an older bag to have less patina than a newer bag. I set my Manhattan in the direct sun the weekend I got it and it has a little color to it now. Direct sunlight really does help if you want patina faster.