How Long Did It Take You to Save?

  1. Ok, I know this is a personal question but when I read how many of you have 2,3,4 and more LVs I have to wonder how long did it take you to save for them?

    Or are you in serious debt over your addiction??:hrmm:
  2. I usually take advantage of a generous husband around holidays like my birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine's day, Mother's Day and Christmas :P

    It it's a really expensive bag I combine holidays i.e. "this is my Birthday AND Mother's Day gift!"

    He hates picking out gifts for me so it makes life easy on both of us.
    I send him a picture of the bag and say "this is what you got me for ___" :amuse:

    Like others here, I also sell off bags and buy different ones in their place.
  3. parents are surprisingly supportive of my bag habit (most of my bags are bought under the pretense that my mom can borrow them lol) and I have a part time job, plus I sell things on ebay (books, textbooks etc.)
    And I only use has to be paid off all at once so that helps me pick what I should and shouldn't buy lol.
  4. No problem :biggrin:
  5. My parents bought me my first one, the mono petit bucket (with mini pochette) and my zipped compact wallet. I bought myself the strap for the mini pochette, my LV partition, my soufflot and my epi speedy. I either charged it on my cc and paid it off in full, or did 75% in one month, with the balance in the next (something I hate doing but unexpected expenses cropped up that time). I would never go into major debt over LV. It's not worth it.
  6. One other thing- what I'm doing right now is taking $40 a week in cash and stashing it in an envelope. I'm aiming to save 2k or so in order to really go and splurge on my birthday next year! And I love watching the money accumulate.
  7. I would never personally go into debt over a handbag. I buy what I can afford to pay cash for. My husband is very generous and pretty much lets me get what I want, with in reason. Like this week..he is not very happy as I really pushed the envelope....but this too will pass.
  8. My parents bought me my first one ( Mono Billfold) and the rest came from me saving up and Christmas $$ which isn't as much as you think..
  9. Ditto for me, word for word! :lol:
  10. If I don't have the $, I don't buy it. I refuse to go in debt (except for credit card payments that I pay off immediately when the bill comes).
  11. never used ccs..i feel like they would make me over spend...always pay everything in cash or debit card...i pay for all my bags myself..a university student w/ a good part time job..yay ..~~ haha..just need to buy carefully to make sure i will really like it b4 making a commitment.....i dont sell my bags...i feel like im missing sellers regrets afterwards~~~
  12. I put the bag on my credit card BUT first I work out if I will have enough spare from my paycheck to cover it before the 55 days interest free is up. This way I don't end up paying the bank interest and still get the bag I want.
    I still can't afford to get a bag very often though.:hrmm:
  13. My Parents (& Family) Were Always My Supporters In This Habit (& Still Are!)........My Husband Is The Same ~ He's Wonderful About It.

    Handbags Are Definitely Not Worth Going In Debt Over.