How long did it take you to save up for your FIRST BIRKIN ?

  1. Hi Hi,

    Thought i'll start this thread by asking how long did it take some of you to save up for your FIRST Birkin ? ;)

  2. Years. But harder than that was trying to figure out how to get one. There was no Purse Forum to help me, no friends or family who shared the was a pretty lonely existence.
  3. Do shoulder Birkins count? Because if I can come across one when I'm shopping for my Lindy, I'm getting one. And all it will take for me to get my first (and only), will be a trip over to what Borat affectionately calls "The global war of terror" and saving my bonus $ from re-enlisting. :tup: great success!
  4. 43 years:sad:....I just didn't know that I was saving for a Birkin for most of that time...
  5. That's my story too. And still no friends (present company excluded!) or family who share the interest. With TPF, not so lonely. :girlsigh:
  6. for me it wasn't so much about saving up for one. the hard part was convincing DH that i wasn't insane to want to spend $7k on a bag. and of course, next step was: how to get my hands on one!!??
  7. Same for me (although I don't have my first just yet). And the only way I was able to convince DH was to promise him I'd find something under retail (from a reputable seller, of course). Baby steps :push: It's been a while since we've had that conversation, though, and he's very forgetful (selective memory?), so I suspect that when I actually find one I want to buy, we're going to have to go through it again :sweatdrop:

    Although seeing how far you've come, PBC, you give me hope :p
  8. I have to say that this is the only bag I bought on credit (but paid off toute de suite). I got the call...and could not refuse such a lovely bag as my first birkin (35cm Rouge H clemence w/PHW). I think to save is to matter how long it takes!
  9. I used a percentage of my income every 2 weeks it went pretty slow 3 years and well worth the wait. Now it is allot easier but It can be agonizing when all you see is Birkins in your dreams...
  10. Great thread- I'm hoping for one by next spring but I still want to grow my H collection and get a few bags from other designers as well :push: Decisions, decisions.
  11. Pepper,

    Is the birkin in your avatar a Raisin ? It's stunning !! :smile:

    I'm also glad to have found this Purse Forum, else I too wouldn't know there are actually as many H-obsessed beings in this H forum as me, though I'm still looking out for my dream birk 35 in Etoupe :drool:. Hope I come across one soon, as I don't wanna spend US$15K thru a seller who's offering me at this price. FInd it abit too high.:sweatdrop: Or should I be expecting to pay around this price, im not sure, what's the market like now for a normal birk ??
  12. Alegory - I'm with you, no matter how long it takes to save up for a BIRK, it's definitely worth it !! For me, apart from saving a certain percentage of my income, I have been cutting down unnecessities like magazines , toiletries and dolls just so that it can all go to my birkin fund :love:
  13. Agree !! :girlsigh:And congrats on having your first birkin !! You must be thrilled !! :love:
  14. I don´t have one yet, but it will be a year minimum.
  15. PBC - When I first told DH about how much a birk can cost initially, he did went insane for awhile and thank God, after awhile, he came to accept it and now he's quite supportive on this expensive 'hobby' as long as it's ONLY occasional.:p

    Btw, I love the pic of your closet ! All Hermes-filled ????:girlsigh: