How long did it take you to get pregnant?

  1. My fiance and I have been trying for a baby for about 9 months. I´m at the point where I feel like crawling into a hole and just giving up since nothing is happening. I just got prescribed teroluts which are meant to shorten my cycle (33 days) a bit and help with my bad period cramps. They should also help make my ovulations stronger etc.

    I just completed my first course of it, 2 more to go. After finishing I was supposed to get my period in 3 days. Well they didn´t start but what I did get was sore boobs, sore fallobian tubes, feeling dizzy, peed a lot and a bloated stomach. All this made me cautiously think; well maybe I am pregnant. I just got very light spotting for the last of days. Just when I started to feel good, thinking ok, this might be it finally and I wake up and; blood. So basically, the pills did not change my cycle at all, instead they gave me pregnancy symptoms and my period is exactly the same as it was! I feel like crying.

    I just need some reassurance, how long did it take for you to conceive your first child? How old were you? Any tips you can give me? I´m at the verge of a breakdown I want to be a mother so much.
  2. Oh Nola~ I understand your frustration. Try not to get stressed by trying as that too causes a fluctuation in hormones etc...

    Nola, it has been my experience that it will happen when the time is right. If the time isn't right your body knows. I truely believe this happened with me last Oct. when I lost a baby at 9 weeks gestation. I started to puff up and my hair did weird things. Not to mention some cramping.

    I know it is frustrating and seems as though it will never happen, but try to remain positive. We can make our own luck just by having a positive outlook. Please keep your chin up, it sounds as though you are doing everything you possibly can for a great outcome. It will happen.

    Take care~:heart:
  3. Nola:

    I am so sorry. I know how frustrating it is. I had a couple of miscarriages before having my first son and all added up, from the first time "we are officially trying" to birth, 3 years. Again, don't get discouraged! There are two things I can tell you:

    1. if you are feeling down, like there is something wrong, GO SEE A SPECIALIST. If for no other reason, they can run tests and tell you, there is nothing wrong, or here is the problem and here is how we will fix it. Peace of mind goes a long way in this process.

    2. If you can, change your diet. Both with my son and this baby, I got pregnant within 3 weeks of going on a low carb diet. It recharges and regulates your system, it really is amazing.

    I am keeping you in my thoughts sending you lots and lots and lots of baby dust. Also, check out the TTC thread... great women sharing during this time, they are all very supportive.
  4. Thank you sweethearts:heart:

    Silvia-Low-carb diet I haven´t tried yet, this is the next step, thank you so much! I eat quite a lot of carbs since I´m a vegetarian, I must see about my eating.
  5. Nola, it took me fertility treatment and medication and even then I've had a few miscarriages and an ectopic. We saw a Reproductive Endocronologist and I was on various meds. I also conceived dd#2 through Intrauterine Insemination.

    Are you doing charting and using ovulation tests?

    I just wanted to give you all my thoughts and love. I've been there and felt all the anger and sadness you felt. If you ever want advice or you need to talk...feel free to PM.
  6. It took us at least 5 years - I have polycistic ovary syndrome so that's why the problems but --- I think that lowering my stress level and changing my diet helped me to get preggers (low carb too - no white starch)

    They say it usually takes a year to get knocked up the first time anyway.

    ps - I love your avatar -
    i love those guys - soooo cute together ;)
  7. I'm saying this because it worked for me right after my first miscarriage. I was expecting to get pregnant within a year, but I conceived after only 3 months. I was seeing a qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner at that time and taking herbs that help regulate and strengthen the female body. I was also getting weekly acupuntures from her to strengthen and prepare the womb.

    A friend I know could not conceive even after a couple of tries at IVF. She went on TCM and conceived after that.
  8. Why is it that sometime those who really try have such a hard time and those that don't get pregnant so easily???

    I got pregnant 1 month after stopping the Depo-shot and was about to move on to another form of BC.
  9. Thank you all you sweet ladies:love: You´ve made me cheer up a lot!

    Japster-:heart: you. I´m so happy you finally got pregnant with both beautiful children, you deserve it! I´ve been tracking my ovulation but haven´t taken my temps yet, that´s probably the next step since my work collegue said it helped to get the times right. I´m just afraid it will take all the fun away KWIM:shame:

    Nyria-I´ve had a cyst in my ovary but everything seems to be in order now. I´ve conciously tried to take it easier, not demanding so much of myself. The low-carb diet I´m definitely going to try. Thanks, I love Rob and Big, that show makes me laugh!

    Tammy-Thank you so much for the tip. I´ll have to locate someone in that area in my country if something doesn´t happen soon.
  10. I'm on month four after my IUD removal. I'm 31 almost 32 and this will be our first. Not pregnant yet.
  11. We've been trying since january 2016, had a mc in june and are a few weeks along now. So, about 7 months.
  12. Wishing you the best with this pregnancy!!! :heart:
  13. We took just about a year to get pregnant. I was actually really really lucky because I scheduled my obgyn yearly check with my dr when we wanted to start trying and because of past issues I've had (irregular cycle, cysts, fibroids) the dr ran tests right away. They found a hormonal imbalance and I was started on fertility drugs after a few months of naturally trying. Then my obgyn sent me to a fertility specialist after 3 months and he ran more tests and pinpointed the exact issue I was having. I got pregnant with IUI.

    Most Drs advise you wait a year of trying on your own if you're under 35 or 6 months on your own if you're over 35. I'm really happy my dr was proactive with me knowing my history because without the IUI I would not have been able to get pregnant.

    I think there's no harm in having a checkup with your obgyn if you're trying to just see if everything's in order! I'm glad I did, but I know my situation was a bit different than many.
  14. Megs, congratulations with your pregnancy! So happy it worked out for your despite fertility issues. :biggrin:

    Me and DH have been trying for 4 months - not long, I know, but I'm in my early 20s and thought it would happend quickly ... but I'm just getting scared there's something wrong with me...I've always had a dream of being a mother before 25, and then going on to have 4 + children... maybe that's stupid, to put so much score by a number, but it is what it is.
    My problem though, is that it's not like WE are trying. Its me who's trying. He comes from a country where the majority of women get pregnant in their late 30s, and even though he agreed to not use birth control etc so I could get pregnant, he's not that concerned and doesn't really understand why I want to get pregnant so badly. At one point he got very upset and exploded that he feels that its a chore, that he's under pressure to perform etc I feel so alone. Instead of talking to him about it, I bottle it up and try to hide my desire for a baby by all means. It doesn't feel great...and now I want to go to the doctor together to see if maybe theres something wrong and I'm terrified of bringin it up because he'll get "traumatised" all over again.

    Its all very frustrating. :crybaby:
  15. It took us about 2 years. We saw a fertility specialist after 6 months of trying. We were not very serious at the beginning so it took us 6 months to get all the tests done. The test results ended up being all normal. We then tried IUI twice, but it didn't work. Fortunately, I found out about the mandatory insurance coverage in my state (Maryland) for fertility treatment. At the time I was working in DC and had a DC insurance, which didn't cover fertility treatment. So we had to wait until the end of the year to switch me to my DH's insurance plan.

    We officially started the IVF process in the beginning of this year. I had to be on birth control pills for a month to suppress my natural hormone. The egg retrieval was done in February. We opted for preimplantation genetic testing so the embryos needed to be frozen for a couple of weeks. Finally we had the transfer of a single embryo in April. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. So happy!