How long did it take you to get from Zero to 2, 5, 10 B Bags?

  1. Just curious! I discovered these bags, what, about 2 months ago? And now I have a Black First, a Black Day, a Truffle Purse (which is going back b/c someone wonderful sold me their Ink Purse), an anthracite Twiggy on the way, and a cafe coin purse. Oh, also a pod.

    In the Fall, I will be getting a violet makeup clutch and an Ocean money wallet.

    And I'm going to the trunk show on Wednesday and who knows what will happen there :drool:
  2. I have only been buying Balenciaga's for about a year now and by looking at my sig. I have been VERY busy! The bad thing about having so many so fast is you soon learn you don't LOVE all of them and must let some go so you can get some you do LOVE!:sad:
  3. Only 9 months and now have 4 twiggies, 1 mini twiggy, 2 box's, 1 shoulder, 1 boobie, 1 coin wallet, 4 coin purses, 1 toilet case.

    AND 1 twiggy and 1 box on there way!!

    AND WATCHING 1 Purse, 2 Shoulder, 1 Work


  4. Very true MRG! I bought and returned a Black City. It wasn't for me.
  5. I've been buying Balenciaga for 5 years now, and I own 24 Bbags and (hopefully) 2 more to add comes fall. I'm a proud original ower of all of my bags except for my Grenat Work, which was adopted from our fab. monsoon:heart:

    I took a year break, but I think it's safe to say that I've been buying 1 or 2 bags per season.
  6. 0 to 10 in 5 months!!
  7. This is a question that definitely shows the timeline of our obsession!

    I basically went from 0 to 5 in about 2 months, but have since reduced it down to 3 which I'm trying to hold out and keep it there for as long as I can!
  8. Zero to FIVE in 2 months!!

    05 Black City
    05 White Work
    06 Grenat Work
    06 Rouille City (hopefully today!!)
    05 Black Work (hopefully today!! and I blame Incoral for this, teasing me with his gorgey black weekender!! LOL)
  9. My obsession started in fall '05:

    0-2 bags: 6 months
    2-5 bags: 8 months
    5-9 bags: 4 months

    My pace has accelerated lately due to a lot of buying and selling or trading. I started out "slow" with only 2 bags bought during the first 6 months of my obsession (both eBay bargains), then I gradually picked up the pace, much to DH's chagrin. :rolleyes: But I'm at the point where I love each and every one of my bags, and would be hard-pressed to pick another one to sell. more buying and no more selling, at least until f/w comes out! :p I can't rationalize owning 12 bags (I'm waitlisted for 3 bags) so I'll HAVE to downscale whether I like it or not.
  10. Great thread~Thanks!!

    I've been a fans of bbag since 5 yrs ago and have been adding from 0 to 9 (1 WE, 4 firsts, 1 city, 1 twiggy, 1 MU clutch, 1 oval clutch, 5 coin purses, 1 wallet) at this moment (as i kept selling and buying other new bbags that i've eyeing)....that's why the no. never increased or remain unchanged.

    But i've waitlisted for 2 coin purses, 1 MU clutch (for the new 07 seasons) and hunting for 1 work currently.

    I will stop at this point, may add more bbags end of this yr since i spent way too much within a mth (for adding those accessories and 3 other bbags).
  11. Tooshies - You are my idol..hehehehe...24 bbags? Wow, i really must have a big wardrobe to keep all these beauties...:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  12. 0-8 in 8 mos

    I need to get get rid of at least 2 in order to fund 2 new fall bags but it's so hard deciding which ones.
  13. I guess I got my lil Vert D'eau around February and now I also have a Sandstone City.

    So 0-2 in about 3 months?

    I'm hoping to keep my collection small. The only bbag I now desire is something in black, but I want to hold out for as long as possible & truly enjoy the bags I currently have.
  14. 0-2 in 2 months
    I am moving to NYC this summer so once I can go to BalNY to checkout the items instead of ordering them sight uneseen, my collection will expand.
  15. I got my first one, a metallic orange shoulder, in February or March. I think I started reading the Balenciaga forum a couple of months prior to my first purchase. So I guess I've been interested in Bbags for about 6 months, and yet, I only have one bag! I'm definitely the weirdo here! LOL

    but, my mom and I are going to get the special order magenta, so then we'll have two Bbags, and I'll likely cap it off there, unless I hear about another Bbag that is fabulously unique!

    : D