how long did it take you to get back to your jeans after pregnancy?

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  1. although I've lost about 20 pounds - I still have 20 more to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. With a new baby and all...I don't even know where people find time to work out!!!! I'm dying to get back into my jeans again!! how long did it take for you guys??
  2. with all 3 of my kids i was able to get back into my jeans in about 2 weeks... HOWEVER... with each kid my jeans went up a size or 2! lol!i'm currently in a size 12 or 30. working to getting into a 7!
  3. With my son, it took 5 years!! But then again, I didn't really TRY. When I decided to get off my butt and do something about the way I looked, I lost 43 lbs from may 07-may 08 by running and eating much better. Then that was the month I got pregnant!!! :rolleyes: So, we'll see with baby #2! I most certainly will not take that long this time around....if I have the time!
  4. It took me about 2 months. They were tight...but I was in them!
  5. Nine months to a year! But I didn't have a regular exercise routine.
  6. by about 6 mths i was back into my skinny skinny jeans [that was with my oldest] youngest it took me a bit longer, i didn't bf him for as long [only 4 mths] but i was back into them at about 10 mths or so...i have yet been able to get back into my skinny skinny jeans...i think i may have even gotten rid of them :P
  7. about 1 month... give or take a week. i really took care of myself the first time around. watched what i ate, and was a little more active. I don't think i'm doing as well this time around. i really feel like i've ballooned in the past couple of weeks! eek!:shame:
  8. I love that you are all being so honest! I have asked people and I always get these ridiculous common people not everyone can be stick thin like the stars right after a baby. One of my friends still isn't into those jeans yet and baby is 1 yr old. I hope to be in them 4 mths will be spring and summer so I want to look my best (if I can muster enough energy lol) I have so far been lucky to stay fairly small in all my parts except my butt so I am hoping it won't be too hard :sweatdrop:
  9. About 2 months to fit comfortably. I could put them on at 6 weeks PP, but they were tight. And now they are loose at 5 months 3 weeks PP.
  10. I hear ya on that! I hope to be prepregnancy size by at least july (my moms wedding). Then I'm going to hawaii in september for my belated honeymoon so I BETTER be looking good by then! :P
  11. A couple of months, but here's the thing - sometimes hip bones get wider after having babies. After two babies 15 1/2 months apart, I am the same weight as before but some of my pants don't fit the same because my hip bones got a tad wider. Pregnancy and childbirth changes you in ways besides just adding fat! Breastfeeding certainly helps the fat come off.
  12. I'm giving myself 9 months...9 months to gain it and 9 months to loose it. :graucho:
  13. 7 months back to a size 25 after c section :smile:
  14. 8 months... Breastfeeding and no exercise. (Went from 125-160lbs during my pregnancy)
  15. I gained 65 lbs during my pregnancy (115-180lbs) :faint: It took me 6 months to be able to fit back into my jeans and some were still tight. Now I can fit into them much better, but I still have about 7-10 lbs to go...I BF for 7 months and I haven't gotten back into my exercise routine yet - only exercise I get now is chasing after a crawling baby :P

    I agree with LV Luvr - you should give yourself 9 months to lose it since it took 9 months to gain it!