How long did it take you to conceive??


How long did it take you to conceive?

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  2. First Try

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  3. 2-4 months

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  4. 5-7 months

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  5. 8 months - 1 year

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  6. 1 year +

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  1. Doctors say it takes a year to get pregnant on average. Let's see if their math is correct...

    How long did it take you to conceive? If you have more than one child, submit more than one response.

    I am so curious as to what the true average is... :confused1:
  2. Since I can't choose 2 options, I chose the one that resulted in a successful pregnancy.

    DH and I tried for a baby for about 3-5 months without any success. We stopped trying and then I got pregnant while on the pill after being ill for a few days
  3. My first pg was a surprise. After a m/c I got pregnant on the first try.
  4. 1 1/2 years... an eternity in my eyes!!
  5. With dd, we got pregnant the second month we charted. This time it took us about 4 months (however, it was the first month I charted my cycle both tries).
  6. First and second time were complete surprises --both resulted in m/c around 9 weeks.

    Third (current): we started trying around June 06. Nothing happened for about 5 months, I got very impatient and went for further testing at the beginning of 2007. The problems were found & corrected via IVF and I got pregnant in June 2007 ---so exactly one full year!
  7. dd was a surprise.
  8. My son took 6 months and my daughter was 1 month.
  9. tried 3/4 months even though it also felt forever just because i thought it would happen with the first try.
  10. DD was ard 2mths and my current pregnancy took abt 3mths...tho I thought my second pregnancy wld take on the 1st try....
  11. I got pregnant the first time we tried.
  12. 1 week with ds, we're now on month 2 of ttc for #2.
  13. It´s been about 8 months and nothing
  14. 1+ years and fertility treatment. DD#2 was through Intrauterine Insemination
  15. First time for both. Thought it would take longer.