How long could you go without running out of work clothing?

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  1. Most of us have way more weekend clothes than we need, I've found... but if you had no dry cleaning or laundry access, how long could you go at work?

    I can go about 3 weeks max, but then I NEED my dry cleaning!! (Usually, hubby takes it in and picks it up on a weekly basis...lately it's been a bit less frequent, so I am starting to realize what my limits are!)
  2. Wow, I have never owned 3 weeks worth of clothing...

    To answer your question though, I am student and don't work!
  3. I could go at least a month w/o drycleaning my work clothes. And I agree, I have WAY more weekend and casual clothes than I need.
  4. I never really thought about that, but I guess... 2 weeks maybe?
  5. probably a month, or more...
  6. I can go three weeks before having to do laundry for dress clothing, let alone worrying about dry cleaning
  7. About a month
  8. well I go to school which is my I guess I could go about 2 weeks and I'd run out of jeans to wear. Ugh I need more pants!