how long could it take..

  1. Hi guys,:flowers:

    justa generic question here...I sent the moderators a request for access to the market place about two weeks ago..I know I havent been on here that long, but I am keen to avoid another mishap like my last one ..remember the kitty litter bag..:shame: and adopt a fabulous Bbag from a fabulous pf'er.

    I supplied the moderators with my Ebay user id (450 feedbacks and 99.9% positive feedback) is there anything else I can do to show them I am legit.

    Any idea how long it might take..? should I give it another 2 weeks and then re-contact them.

    I am happy to wait and build up my rep so it isnt a big deal.

    in the mean time, I am seriously enjoying the whole b'bag colour and shapes addiction :heart: :heart:

  2. Hi Alex. Maybe it got overlooked. I don't know the requirements for access but I'd reapply.
  3. i would too! and make sure you express your interest and excitement! :flowers:

    good luck!
  4. mrsmac, i don't think there is a real set amount of time that is used as a requirement.
    it sounds like the mods are receiving quite a few applications so i would wait a bit and then re-apply. good luck!
  5. thanks girls..:smile:

    I am in no hurry and would rather take the time to prove myself so to speak.

    I have so much fun in the evenings after the kidlettes are in bed chatting with you all and looking out for my next bbag to adopt!!

    On another note, I went out to a work branch lunch today with my bbag, which in honour of its unusual beginnings I have nicknamed "kitty" and got heaps of compliments on first I worried that it didnt go with what I was wearing..a pair of bootleg indigo stonewash jeans and a gorgeous dusky pink turtle neck angora sweater..but as soon as I looked in the mirror that gorgeous sky blue just came to life!!:heart: :heart:

    So much so that everyone noticed my handbag and it was ceremoniously passed around the table before the starters arrived to many "oooohss" and "aaaahhss"

    I think I have definitely converted three collegues and on the road to converting the last four!! ;)

    now all I need to do is organise my "parttime" in oxblood and my "work" in Blueberry and I am right to go!!