How long can one keep a bottle of nail polish?

  1. Hi Ladies - Understand most of you have a lot of bottles of nail polish:p. May I ask how long can a bottle be kept once opened:confused1:? I have been throwing away those that become gluey :tdown:but I do know I can make the polish thinner by adding some nail polish solvent, so am not sure if I am 'wasting' them by throwing them away:wtf:. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance.:heart:
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    Some nail polishes I've had for over four years or more. Nail polish don't really go bad, it just gets thick and goopy which creates air bubbles. So, don't throw them out :smile:. There's many ways to thin it. When my obsession started with nail polishes, I got some bad advice and was told to throw them out. Which was a big mistake because I threw out my VHTF and rare colors. I was heartbroken.
  3. Oh DivaSteph - tks for your post and it is your first post in TPF! Wow, i feel so honoured; and am v happy now that i can keep all my bottle of nail polish! I threw many away, stopped painting for some time and just last month, I fell into the craze AGAIN! LOL...well, how nice that we gals just need these little things to brighten our days.
  4. Good question, I have kept some of mine for years....(like 5 years) and they don´t seem to go bad so I don´t know ? If they thicken , add a tiny bit of nail polish remover in the bottle.
  5. ditto. a lot of my bottles have been sitting on my shelf for 3+ years but they still go on fine :smile:
  6. I have some bottles tht are 10+ years and are fine.

    It all depends on storage.. and the forumla. I still have my original OPi bottle... its like 15 years old.. and its still good.
  7. I have had some polishes for over 10 years and they're still good. I'd throw away what's gooey and what doesn't go on right. I would only thin those that I loved and couldn't replace due to discontinuation.:smile:
  8. Tks, ladies!
  9. I threw out a ton of nail polish last year because they were getting all goopy and thick and was gross, but all they needed were some thinner and a good shaking...I kind of regret throwing them now since I appreciate any and all nail polish, but they go way back to when I was in elementary (I'm 20 now) so the colors were kind of...childish...anyway!
  10. I had several bottles of Miss Marion Garnet for around four years. I bought about six bottles of it because the place I got it from wasn't going to get it in anymore. I kept them in the fridge. I wish I had bought more, as I loved that enamel.
  11. i can't find thinner anymore. i tried a few places

    anyone know a good one...?
  12. I keep them forever. If they get a little gooey, just add a couple drops of acetone (nail polish remover), cover and shake. Back to normal!
  13. Is there a Sally Beauty Supply near you ? I use Beauty Secrects which sells for $4 and it works awesome , keeps all of my polish nice and thin saves me money on not having to replace color all the time
  14. I use OPI's thinner which is pretty good, but really, they're pretty much all the same. Like choozen recommended, Sally's has one and I believe it comes in a huge bottle...uhh...yeah.
  15. Yeah the bottle is 4 fluid ounces ( its sitting on my desk ) works better than the Sech Vite brand I bought years ago