How long can LV keep it up?

  1. After reading this blog entry and also reflecting (I know, I have too much time on my hands =P) a bit on the recent decrease of some bags I was wondering how long LV can keep expanding and still be considered luxurious and exclusive?

    There's no secret that some brands' image has suffered a lot, not matter what the cause it. It seems to me that LV miraculously have survived both piracy, fluctations of fashion, widespread popularity and overexposure (?). It's still one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the world and doesen't seem to be slowing down.

    I'm not thinking about whether LV is "going out of style" or becoming more "affordable", but for how long it will manage to stay "in", super desirable and the first choice bag for a lot of people. Let's face it, there's a reason why the LV forum is the biggest designer forum here, it's probably one of the most addicting brands worldwide. But how long will it continue to maintain this position? When will consumers be just as likely to get bottega veneta, Chanel, dior and other brands in the same range and directed towards the same audience?
  2. Great topic!! Im interested in the replies!! I have to think about it....I will reply again later! :smile:
  3. You know my hubby and I were discussing this last night...he was asking if LV will always be this popular and in style. I really think the history of the company shows was 'in' 100 years ago and is still going strong.
    I think that as people venture into designer brands LV is one of the first they gravitate to due to its exposure (which is probably actually helped by the amount of fakes that people see everywhere) and popularity.
    Sometimes though I think of LV as a starting drug (like marijuana LOL) where you start here and then move up the bag hierarchy after awhile (onto Chanel, Hermes, etc.).
  4. I agree that LV's image has taken a little knock recently, but it still has a long way to go before it is no longer considered a luxury item. However, I do fear that the counterfeiting and overexposure can only harm the brand further. I can't see that Chanel etc will suffer in the way that LV has, because they have managed to keep themselves that bit more exclusive. Then again, what one person sees as luxurious and exclusive may differ to that of another, it just depends. There are plenty of people who could only dream of carrying LV. It will never go out of style, especially where the luggage is concerned, but it may well go out of 'fashion', which I hope it does in order for it to reclaim its exclusivity. Unfortunately, I don't think that this is going to happen. It will be interesting to see where the brand is a few years down the line.
  5. luxury is defined by [SIZE=-1]something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity. if you really come to look at it, all these designers, even dooney and bourke...are all luxury goods. we can easily go to target, get a $20 bag, and it would serve the same purpose as let say...the $15k hermes. the reason lv, hermes, chanel and all the other "higher" branded goods can get away with their prices is cause they claim "couture" status...meaning not mass produced in china somewhere. i mean, really, $500 is not really affordable to most people just for a handbag, it's not practical. there are only a handful of people who actually appreciate the "fine craftsmanship" of these bags, but most people buy for the name and the exclusivity therefore you get the counterfeits. and that's why it will always be desirable.
  6. Thanks for all the replies.

    Just to clear one thing up though; I was not thinking of if it will ever go out of style or "downgrade" from luxury status, because it wont unless huge changes are made (Lowered prices a LOT and away with dustbags and etc), but for how long it will stay the luxury brand of luxury brands sort of, appealing to and being the first choice for not only to the prime audience of luxury brands, but to everyone, even the ones that save for a lot of time to buy a bag and still being a desirable brand for those that easily can splurge on an hermes.

    It doesen't take more than a quick look at which stores are the most crowded ones to see which brand is more popular. LV always seems to be pretty crowded compared to other stores.

    So the point was I guess.. I`How long LV will be able to stay in front of the other luxury brands and be the number one luxury brand.
  7. I think it's a personal choice really. Im not brand loyal, it's all aesthetics to me..."beauty is in the eye of the beholder" type thing. I think Coach is pretty crowded most of the time, just because it's more affordable and like i said, serves the same purpose. If you ask me, I think Coach may have LV beat one of these days.
  8. i think the reason LV is sooo popular is because the brand is sooo wide spread! i mean LV is splashed all over the mono bags! BUT... its only a select few that will go into the boutique and buy the real deal! and these people are the ones who love the history etc, these are the ones that keep the brand the way it is! not FAKERS!!!
    as well as LV bringing out ltd lines out etc, it keeps us interested!!! wheras gucci etc, just have the same sort of bags, and it is soooo obvious which season they come from!
    i think thats it! the fact that LV bags just do not age!
  9. I didn't think coach was targeted at the luxury market? Is it really considered a luxury brand like chanel and LV? We have no coach here, but always thought it was pretty affordable?
  10. I personally don't think Coach is in the league of Chanel and LV - but I do think that's where the company is trying to go with their new leather bags and high-end prices.
  11. That's a really good point, actually- you can't knock it for having no variation.
  12. LV has been popular from it's inception, over 150 years ago and will countinue that way for a number of years. MJ and the marketing team have done an outstanding job of revitalizing the brand, and the plan to have new releases throughout the year is brillant. It keeps people coming into the boutiques, checking the web site and elux and dramatically increases the chance for crossover purchases.

    I was going to say the same thing, until I relized I really hate when people say that about hermes and LV. :push:

    I think I have a well rounded collection, including hermes, chanel, coach, Isabelle Fiore, mulberry, luella, gucci and 1 lonely b bag and of course, LV. I try to stay grounded and balanced by buying what I like rather than focusing on designers, labels or prices. Just because Hermes is more expensive that doesn't make it my favorite bag, infact right now my personal ranking is LV, Chanel, Coach then's right Hermes is behind Coach.

    But I have ups and downs...since I like almost nothing from the S/S line, I will probably wander into Chanel, Gucci, Coach and Hermes more, and visiting the whole bag section at NM rather than LV counter only.....but come fall there will probably be more than 1 LV I can't live without and the cycle will start all over.
  13. Great topic!! Perfect for my market research!! thanks!
  14. When you look back, 10 years ago, LV was not the 'in' designer, and the prices were not close to what they are now. Over the last little while, LV has introduced Ready-to-wear, Jewelry, watches, sun glesses, and shoes. Eventually, I think LV will become 'worn out' but they sould be able to bring it back, with a replacement for Marc Jacobs. I think inorder for them to keep their prestige and luxury, they will have to continue the limited edition lines like groom etc. and they will have to replace head designers like Marc Jacobs inorder to keep trendy.

    With the Coach, I don't think it is anywhere close to LV, but like someone said, they are tying to get there with their new high priced leather bags (I think they may have a problem with these bags, people know Coach as a more middle highend brand)

    That is my opinion. I do think eventually, LV will go back to what it was 20 years ago, where only the people that know the quality will buy it. One thing I think sets LV apart from the rest is how they are so proud of how everything is hand crafted, and to VERY high quality. Although, that could work against them, because it is so well made, everyone will have things from LV that is still in good shape and won't be buying new stuff...

    I don't know, it will be very interesting to see what LV will be like in 20 years. I know one thing for sure: I will still be buying it! ;) :smile:

    Sorry for my going on and on, I just love the brand so much, I hope it doesn't 'downgrade'. THEY better not lower their prices too much!! :sweatdrop:
  15. i think lv will always stay in style, because it has always BEEN in style!