How long can B bags last ??

  1. How many years have you had yours ??

    I was thinking, B bag leathers are so soft and distressed, I expect them to crack or break 'anytime' !!!
    I wonder how long mine can last :wtf:
  2. I've had mine a year and it looks like new. The leather is stretchy and thick - I'm more scared my LV's coated canvas will crack than I am of my Balenciaga cracking :shame: - the leather is just much moister than canvas. If it feels like it's drying up I'd suggest using a leather conditioner on it every other month or so. That's what I do :yes:
  3. i've had a few of mine for years and so far so good...i think one of the best aspects of b bags is that they age so well!
  4. If I have a white b-bag, is it alright to moisturize it? I heard the color gets darker.
  5. my oldest b-bag is a shopper from year 2004, it's still in great condition except the tassles are splitting.
    and i also got a first from 2002, i bought it used few weeks ago, and it's still in great condition too except the tassles subject
  6. No, the apple leather conditioner does not darken the bag. I've heard of problems with spraying stain repellant on bbags - but the leather conditioner is extremely mild. Balenciaga bags are dyed/treated leather. You can use apple leather conditioner on naked vachetta leathers and it won't even stain that. It's a very, very mild conditioner. I have info on it on my about me page:
  7. My 2001 le dix looks great! I plan on using it forever!
  8. oooh... ur le dix 2001 beauxgoris...
    it feel great to write that huh? :P
    i love ur bag girl...
  9. I agree with beaux, I feel the same way ;) I can't speak from experience regarding the newer bags - but the older bags are definitely still going strong! ;)
  10. ladystara - I have a white bag also and used the Apple Garde Leather Care (conditioner) and spray, it's perfectly fine. There hasn't been any change whatsoever with regard to the leather and it's approximately 3.5 years old. I agree with LivinLuxuriously, "the conditioner is mild".

    For the spray, I recommend treating your bag outside as it is a solvent therefore, the fumes need to be able to dissipate in a well ventilated area. I hold the can of spray approximately 8-10 inches away from the bag and spray back and forth (in a sweeping motion); allowing for drying time between coats of 2-3 applications. I hang my bag from the eaves outside of our house and wear an allergy mask, then move away very quickly from the bag after spraying. It's sounds strange, however you can't be too careful. HTH
  11. I just bought a new Mulberry Bayswater. It's made of Darwin leather and is untreated. Mulberry recommends using Collonil Waterstop. Do you think Apple Guard would work equally well? What do you think about using the AG conditioner on it?
  12. From what I've seen, the bags just get better and better with age!
  13. I really love the apple products - but personally, I don't think it's necessary to treat a dyed leather bag with water/stain repellant. I think it's extremely necessary for bags with vachetta (naked/untreated/undyed)leather such as the monogram Louis Vuitton bags, because untreated leather is near white before exposed to the air, but once that leather is exposed to air it begins to darken. Because of the purity of this leather something as small as a rain drop will stain the leather for ever. For this I recommend apple garde, because every little bit helps for a bag so "fragile". Balenciaga bags and bags such as Mulberry are dyed leathers - that's why they come in an array of colors: black, white, red, blue - etc. This means the bags are sprayed with a sealant to lock in the color, making them pretty durable in terms of stains and water. Light colored leather is suceptible to color transfer because leather is absorbant, but a repellant spray like apple garde won't protect a leather bag from color transfer.

    So over all, I don't think there's any harm in using apple garde on your bag, but I also don't think it's incredibly worth the money you spend on the can and possibly a delivery fee. The apple leather conditioner, on the other hand, I think it's worth its weight in gold. So I'd definitely use it on your bag:yes: .
  14. it depends on how rough you are with it. i'm surprised my black city has lasted as long as it has (i got it around winter 05/06). i've spilled so many beverages on it, had globs of parisian tree sap splatter all over it, tossed it on the ground dozens of times and had sat on by i don't know how many people. i think it looks soo much more beautiful, though, than when i first got it. the leather is so soft now

  15. Thanks so much -- you really know your stuff!!