How long between 1st and 2nd H bags?

  1. Ok, so I got my first H bag a few weeks ago, and am feeling a...quickening, I guess. There are at least two bags I would buy tomorrow if I saw them. I will NOT go to H tomorrow...I will NOT go to H tomorrow...maybe I'll go Friday... With all the talk about fueling the addiction and the threads where people list the goodies they get, I'm wondering how long those of you with more than one H bag waited between the first and the second. :graucho::graucho:
  2. About 3 months. I got my birkin from a reseller (no H near me), then whileon vacation 2 months later, I dropped it off for a spa treatment. I investigated bolides and put in an order for my dream bolide. I thought that I would have 6 months to save, but one month later I got the call that the SA had found the exact bolide I wanted...
  3. LOL! You got bit by the H bug. So funny, when I bought my first rouge vif birkin, I thought that would be it for me. Literally a week later, I asked my SA to put me on the list for the Blue Jean. It took about a year and half to get it.
  4. I lasted barely a month! I got my dream bag, a birkin and then got a phone call asking me if I wanted a Kelly Longue. I turned it down as I couldnt afford it, but the next day I was walking past the shop and there she was, on display, inside. And that was that!

    am so weak!
  5. I got mine a month and a half ago and from Day 2, have been contemplating, dreaming about what the next one will be. I need a rich husband! (who looks like Clooney, if possible please)
  6. I got an Evelyne at the beginning of the summer. I got two birkins in August.
    I am not getting anything for a while!!!
  7. I got my Birkin about 6 months ago and after contemplating for a while put in an order on exotic. Should take about a year, but I am not rushing. I'll give some time to gather up funds for the dream bag!
  8. i saved for six months or so for my first, then the second one came within the next year. i think once you dive in there is no going back.
  9. Eliselady and I are sole sisters...I lasted a little less than a month between my first and second...and then about another two weeks until my third...and then maybe a month until.....:nuts:
    I truly have no will power whatsoever when it comes to Hacs and birkins....
  10. Minnie, did I miss a birkin? saw the black, what was the other one? Geez, I hate when I miss things!
  11. A year. At the most. Probably a little less...and then after I found tPF things definitely stepped up a little...
  12. I should still be waiting....
    but I only lasted a month or so. Because I got a call for a barenia evelyne.

    what could I do?????
  13. ooh, CB - I don't blame you! I did a search on Evelynes today (that's one of the two that I "need") and I saw your gorgeous indigo Barenia:drool::drool::drool:

  14. That made me smile!
    I so know that feeling, Me now would not care what he looked like

  15. I save up for around one year for my box kelly
    then around 3 years for My ostrich
    Now I am hoping to get a croco,,
    but I would say dont rush enjoy what you have and see how it goes its the chase thats the challenge