How long before you were offered your B/K/C/desired bag?

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  1. It was like one month for me (a phone call the next day after my second visit with the SA that I decided to start working with). It was a C because I wasn’t looking for B/K at that time. I actually didn’t end up getting that C as I was on a flight and totally missed all the calls. The first one I took was a K that’s like another month later (so total of two).

    I too suspect that you are going to get very different responses, highly dependent on one’s location, SA, store, habits and so on...

    I do remember a thread from a little while ago where some people were talking about that maybe it’s become easier recently (can’t recall the thread name off the top of my head, but maybe something like “is it not too hard to get a Birkin any more”)
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  2. You're right, it seems to be just all over the place. My SA seems pretty forthright and she said there's no rhyme or reason to the offer (but she did say the SM has final say)--all consistent with what I read on this forum.
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  3. My first H bag was a Kelly. It was on display in the store, and I grabbed it. Same with my first Birkin. No amount of planning can substitute for pure luck.
  4. Yes that’s right - I believe generally your SA proposes for you to get the bag but the SM will have to approve it (wouldn’t surprise me if it may be different / have exceptions somewhere though). Depending on the SA style, some will let you know when they are doing the proposal while some won’t tell you until they got the OK from the SM and can guarantee that you will be able to get the bag.

    Also, I think sometimes at least partially it’s your luck and timing!

    (I edited my original comment to specify it was after the second visit with my current SA who was actually not the first I met. But I didn’t feel connected with the SA I got before and decided try again later)
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  5. I've been buying H long enough that bags were on the shelf. I bought my first Birkin off the shelf in...oh, maybe 1996? Couldn't have been much later than that. The games didn't start until after.

    In more recent years, I've never had to wait more than a few weeks for an offer of something, of which I only accept about 10%. I mostly only do exotic now as I have most of the plain leather bags I want, which I am sure increases my chances as the market for these is infinitely smaller.
  6. You're right--right place and right time. There was a gray mini Lindy on display at my store during the beginning of my journey, I didn't realize it was a coveted bag. No regrets since it didn't call out my name, I think I'd like it more in a bright fun color.
  7. I started playing the H game around 1.5 years ago. Prior to that, my Bs and Ks were my mom’s preloved bags.

    I’m located in Asia, so the games here are more intense and there’s so much competition for small bags like the B25 and K25. A 1:1 ratio is the norm for a quota bag (B or K, not C).

    I put in my wishlist with my SA around two or three months after meeting her, which was for a K25. I checked in with her time-to-time, making small purchases along the way. After a month or so, she offered me a KP which I declined. Another 4 months go by. Finally I asked her what the hold-up was, and she was very apologetic and said the K25 was just too popular and it was really hard for her to “fight” with other SAs who had super VIP clients.

    After hearing what she had said, I told her I would take a K28 if available. Two weeks later, I got the magical call and went home carrying my first brand new K28.

    So, that’s my experience! A lot of it has to do with location and what you’re after. If I’d asked for a large bag like B35, it would’ve been soooo much easier.

  8. Interesting, I wonder what was it that caused the demand to sky rocket? Was it just the advent of "it" bags?

    I'm starting out, so I still want all the leather bags! Plus I don't have the budget for a bag. I'd love to own a small item in an exotic (croc or alligator) like a watch or SLG before my state completely bans it.
  9. Interesting, do you find that now that you've gotten your first quota bag and you're in Asia, you have more color/leather/hardware choices? I'm in the US and I recently asked my SA if it's easier for me to get a B if I ask for a B35 and she said that the bag would be wrong for me, which I think is reassuring that she doesn't want me to get the wrong bag.
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  10. I started in December 2018 and got offered the following month in January 2019. It was a mini Kelly and I couldn't believe my luck since I know mini Kellys are so hard to find! I actually did have to spend to get that offer though. It was an amount higher than the actual price of the bag. Prior to that, I've always took the reseller route. But to be offered at the boutique truly is a wonderful experience!
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    4 months since the very initial conversation, 2 months from a major purchase. Overall spend approx. 75% of K value but bought a bag within that so probably 50% spend ratio. The size though was less popular (32 sellier). It's the UK.
  12. Not sure! I got the K28 late last year, and I only just put in my wishlist with my SA last Friday, so we’ll see :smile:
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  13. As you mentioned it also depends on where you shop. I've lived in many different states and even countries and the game is very different everywhere. I spent $50000+ at flagship stores like NYC Madison and Miami without getting an offer but also a couple thousand in small stores where scoring exotic B and K. I agree, you can’t underestimate pure luck. Good luck!!!!
  14. There’s a lot of luck involved; I got my first B about 5 years ago as a walk in after selecting a scarf. Fast forward to a few years later, I moved and had to transfer my profile to a newly opened store- I got offered a C on my first visit after selecting a few items (scarf, sneakers) but then waited 5 months before being offered a B.