How long before you relist?

  1. I had an auction end 5 days ago and I know eBay policy states the buyer has 7 days to pay. In my auction and on my invoice it states to please pay within 2 days. I haven't received any response from the buyer so this morning I sent this email:

    Good morning. Could you let me know when you will be paying for this. It has been 5 days since the auction ended and I have sent you two invoice with no response. If you won't be paying for this I would like to relist and file to have my fees refunded.
    Thank you,

    How much longer should I wait?

    Thank you
  2. Technically, don't you have to wait 7 days to relist? I wouldn't want to pay relisting fees if the buyer comes through although at this point it's not looking good. :sad:
  3. If you relist before 7 days, and the buyer pays you will be out your listing fees, or you could refuse to sell to him/her and get a nps strike against you.

    I HATE the NPB process, you have to wait 8 days before you can file, and then have to give them 7 more days to respond! It is rediculous.

    Now I don't know what happens if you file a NPB and then relist the item...I would be curious to hear about that.
  4. i tend to wait only the time that i listed on the auction. if the person has not contacted me, i relist after the time is up.
  5. The NPB process is really lame, I'm going through it right now with a buyer who didn't pay for a Chloe handbag. She won the same bag in another color from another seller so I think she decided she wouldn't pay for mine. Grr!

    After I didn't hear from her for a week, I relisted because I knew she wouldn't pay. However, I have now filed a NPB and after that goes through I will finally get a fee refund for the first listing. I didn't want to wait to list that item again.

    You can always relist immediately, but know that it will take longer to get your fees back.

    As an added bonus, if you file NPB and your buyer doesn't respond, after the NPB is closed by eBay you can safely leave her neg FB without her being able to do the same to you. She can leave it if she tries, but eBay will remove the neg. Her comment will remain but it will not affect your overall score.
  6. If I don't hear anything by this evening I will just relist. And with my luck she will probably pay tomorrow morning. Ugh, what a hassle.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
  7. I just send the buyer that form to agree to mutually not complete the transaction. That usually gets me an answer. Then relist, you got your fees back.
  8. I must be too darn nice. This lady owes me for kids clothes since 9/04/2007 and I had to email her again. I know she *really* wanted this stuff so I feel bad relisting it all. Every week she says she will pay next week or in 2 weeks. I have a 3-day limit, too.:push:
  9. Only if the item sells.
  10. Oh, I should also add that only if the buyer doesn't respond to an NPB that eBay will not allow them to leave you feedback that affects your score.
  11. Good to know. Thank you
  12. WHAT? Over six weeks?

    I never ever relist an item until the buyer either pays or I get my fees back. Why? Because you hear it happen all the time: the original NPB suddenly surfaces and pays for the item they won 2 weeks ago or whatever, and then you're stuck because sometimes you have sold it AGAIN by that point. It's just a hassle to deal with that, so I just hang on to the item and don't list it again until the original transaction is completely finalized.
  13. Ok, so here's the email I finallly got from the buyer:

    good morning,

    omg....i just checked my email and got your message...i didn't bid on this...i let my sister use my account to surf and she told me she just did an offer for fun ...if i back it out...would i get negative??

    This buyer has (18 score) 100% feedback and has been on ebay since 2000.

    Oh and she also doesn't want me to give her a negative.

  14. Hmmmm.....sounds like she changed her mind and doesn't want to pay for it.
  15. I have gotten the "sister" excuse before too. What bull.