How long before seller should ship?

  1. I try to always ship the next day after payment. Does it make you mad if a seller waits 3 or 4 days to ship? Especially if you pay on a Monday or Tuesday?
  2. Yep, I get totally PO'd when sellers take forever to ship. I try to ship the next day (if not the same day), no matter if the item sold for $10 or $10,000. I think it's common courtesy.

    Then again, if the buyer takes a week to pay, I don't rush as much. ;)
  3. I try to do next-day, but I have a life and have shipped on the second or third day before. Any longer than that is discourteous though IMO.
  4. Only if they list it in their auction does it bother me. A lot of sellers will state in their auctions that they only ship on Wednesdays and Saturdays, for example. Then at least I know up front that if it's a Monday, it'll be a few days. But if they don't disclose that and they take their sweet little time, then yes, it drives me crazy!
  5. I try to make only one trip to the PO a day. Most of the time, I ship within 2 business days. Sometimes I ship the same day payment is made.
  6. I ship the following morning after a cleared payment has been received (my post office opens at 8AM and closes at 3:30PM). My pet peeve is when I pay immediately and the seller ships a week later.
  7. I'm with you on that one, archygirl. Drives me crazy. That's typically with a seller who has so much business (over 10,000+ feedback rating) that they can't handle it. That is not cool! But, I guess I have the option of not buying from them. Hmmm.:cursing:
  8. I did a BIN on Monday. The seller required HER payment right away. Here it is Thursday and still no notice. I asked yesterday and was told they would try to ship on Thursday. They have had their money since Monday...and never did send me a message saying when it would ship. I just don't understand why some sellers don't at least send a message saying, hey thanks for the payment. I'll ship the day after tomorrow or something...especially with the feedback change. OK...I feel better now.
  9. jm: I also believe in good communication with my buyers. With invoice, I thank them for purchase. If they pay fast, I send them follow up email immediately stating that I will ship package out following morning, via service and will send tracking information. Then, I DO ship. If they don't pay within the 3 days after auction closes, I send a very polite email thanking them again and reminding them that I will ship item as soon as I receive payment. My buyers have always paid soon after that email. I then send them the email letting them know I will ship following morning. I get to PO at 8:00AM (yes, they know me there and I am a bit anal), and send out package/s. As soon as I get to work, I send them tracking info. To me, that is the way it should be done. Even if you do a lot of business with fleabay, it only takes a moment to send email (or set up to have someone else do it for you...):tup:
  10. I normally ship same day or next day if they win it at night.

    Yet somehow this still isn't fast enough for some buyers. THEY waited 2 days to pay (so I didn't ship until 2 days later, fair is fair and I wanted to make sure the payment cleared), THEY chose media mail (which takes 2-9 days but is cheaper) and they received it 7 days later and say that I'm "not super fast to ship." Like I was the one taking the cross-country trip to deliver it to them, not the post office people.
    UGH. :cursing:

    Oh and I email the buyer right after I send the item which again, is normally same day or the next day and request that they let me know when they receive it. Very few ever do. :tdown:
  11. i try to send two days after sale at the latest..
  12. I usually do BIN in both buying and selling so I try to ship mine the same day or the next biz day. When I buy something, I know that I want it NOW, haha, so I try to give my buyers the fastest service I can.
  13. I post out the same day or day after payment. I pass the post office on they way to pick up the children. But I do understand that some people work and it is harder to send so quickly. I think it is good courtesy for them to state this i their auction though
  14. I try always to ship within 2-3 days of auction end. Because of my job I cannot always ship next day, though I try to do that. I also travel a lot for my job so if I know I have a trip around auction end I do include that in my listing. If I am delayed from my normal timeframe I always email the buyer to let them know what is going on. However, it is very rare that I would delay ship more than 2 days past auction end.

    On the buying side it is frustrating when you hear nothing and the package takes a week or more to show. As long as the seller lets me know what is going on I don't have a big issue if it takes a bit longer than normal.
  15. I usually ship the same day or the next day. As a seller, I ship ASAP b/c I know that the buyers are eager to receive their items. As a buyer, it drives me nuts when I have to wait too long for my packages.