How long before New Pay Pal Account is operative?

  1. Need some advice. Sold an item and buyer wanted to pay via paypal. I accepted and new paypal account opened last Sunday. Buyer remitted money last Sunday. Funds are in account but I can't get the funds yet. I am still awaiting paypal to transfer 2 deposits to my account. Once this 2 deposits are transferred to bank account, I can get verified by paypal and receive the money. Does anyone know how long the process takes as I like to post items to buyer. Buyer has been patient but I do not believe buyer should wait as funds are in my paypal account. I sent an email to Paypal 2 days ago and they have not replied either. What should I do?
  2. 2 dqays i tnk
  3. Thanks for the information. I want to post the item to the buyer asap.
  4. I meant to say "buyer should not have to wait" as buyer has paid and funds are in my paypal account. It will be 8 days today.
  5. If you already have the money in your Paypal account, I don't understant why is taking you so long to ship. The money is already yours. Sometimes they pay with an e-check and the money is not release until like a week later, but this is not the case, right?