How long before LVR reverses charge?

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  1. I'm so disappointed:sad: . Got an email from Luisaviaroma saying that there are no more choco Paddys and gave me the option of buying something else or cancelling my order. I opted for the cancellation as I really had my heart set on just the Choco Paddy. I rang and spoke with Christina who said there's been a glitch in their website that shows the choc and some others still available when they're not!

    Anyway, I really want the funds returned to me asap so I could use to buy somewhere else or whatever. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to reverse the charge to your CC? Christina said she's not sure but if I don't see it in my account by next week to give her a call. WHAT?? That's just weak!:evil: Shouldn't it be there within a day or two at the latest??? Are they really slack there or something?
  2. I really feel for you, cause guess what. I got an email an hour or so ago from lvr saying that they were really sorry, but the mulberry phoebe had a problem so could i choose an item of lower or similar value, otherwise they would be cancelling my order! And i was soooooo excited... what's wrong with them!?!
  3. I think someone said they read on the LVR site that it can take 2 billing cycles?! The hell?
  4. It is not up to them on the lenght of time, it is up to the bank processors. They can reverse the charge today, if it was just a pending authorization it should only take 3 business days. However if they actually charged you and have to refund money to your card it can take 5-10 business days, it all depends on the credit card processors, not the retail stores.

    Hope this helps clear things up for you.

    What do you plan on getting?
  5. I ordered, then cancelled a Whisky paddy from LVR, and they stilled charged my cc. I had sent them three emails requesting the cancellation, but the charge went through anyway. (I found a Whisky Paddy at BG). I called my cc company explained the situation, then called LVR and requested the credit. The cc company told me they were required to issue the credit within 30 days, even though they are in Italy.
    The SA also told me it would take up to 2 billing cycles for the credit to go through but I had the credit in about 10-12 days. With the exchange rate difference I acutally got a forty cent bigger credit. Helped pay for the three phone calls I made to Italy!!;)
  6. NO THEY DIDNT'. I'm so sorry SerenitySue. Darn, I thought I had you there lol. Last week, I ordered a 2nd whiskey from LVR - not for me but for a friend who lives abroad and didnt want to deal with customs etc etc. It turns out, the whiskey wasnt available even if the website said it was and same story as theirs to you, there was a glitch in their system yada yada yada... They credited my account in 2 days. On the 2nd day, after seeing that the amount had not been credited back, I sent them a follow up email and the funds were back in same day. Good luck, I hope you're able to resolve this soon. It shouldnt take them 2 weeks - that's absurd considering it was their misktake.
  7. I find it horrifying that they KNOW about this "glitch" in their system and they blythely allow people to keep on being billed for goods that they cannot deliver. It's sick:evil: .

    I hope you get your money soon...however even with (which has excellent serivce) it usually takes them a day or two to refund you,and it can take your credit card provider 10 to 14 days to actually put the money on your account.

    I hope you get it sorted quickly!
  8. Thanks guys for your help and support about this. It really means a lot. I'm feeling so bummed. I really was excited about getting my Paddy. Ok, I'll try to wait patiently for the funds to show up in my account. I'm not doubting it would eventually but just don't like not knowing when, ya know? I mean, it's not that I'm in dire straits for the cash but I'm a person who does like to have things neat, no loose ends to worry about, etc. Now this is something I have to check on everyday just to see if it's been done. Oh well, it won't kill me or anything. Sorry for the rant, lol!

    Loganz, I was just hoping to get the regular Paddy in Choc. Would be nice to have the funds back in my acct so I can go searching for another one. But that's ok. I'll just top up my CC from my savings acct if one does come up before hand.

    Thanks again everyone:smile: Will let u know how the story ends.
  9. Btw, forgot to ask.. those of you who've had funds credited back to your accounts from LVR, did they send u an email to let you know they've done it? Or do u just continue to check your account yourself to see if it's there?
  10. Sorry about that SS. That's a huge bummer!

    I cancelled an order a while back from LVR but the cancellation went through pretty quickly; a couple of days. I didn't get an email though, just checked my card.
  11. Thanks so much, Greenie:smile: It gives me hope that things will be done expediently. I guess we'll wait and see, lol.

    I'm starting to feel a bit better about this whole fiasco. Actually, now that I didn't manage to get that Paddy, I'm tossing up between finding another choc paddy somewhere or a Chanel classic flap or Chanel tote, heh.
  12. In my case, I used a debit card. And the strange thing was, instead of showing a credit, the transaction was deleted totally - like no transaction even took place. So even the original entry was erased. I called Citibank and they couldnt give me an explanation...I found that really strange. - and no email from LVR that they put the funds back in. I hope you find another choco paddy. I know you will. :smile:
  13. oh poor thing serenitysue.. dont worry.. im sure you will get your hands on a choc paddy soon.. good things come to those who wait!! good luck dear!
  14. It all depends on you cc it could take a couple of days to up to two months, has happened to me and I feel your pain.

    as for:
    Debit cards work very different, when you purchase something your bank holds the funds, they aren't avai. to you but it hasn't been taken out, when you return or gets canceled, the original transaction cancels out.
  15. Tod, I think you're right - it's just a matter of time, hehe . I love the colour. I was so crushed when I got LVR's email. Can u believe, the choc's still on their website as available?? I can't imagine how many other ppl are still ordering as we "speak".

    Chloe2006.. aw thanks sweatie.. I will try to be more patient. Actually I'm in no real rush. I have my whiskey one to keep me happy while my search continues:smile:

    Chanel4me83, thanks for the info. I'm just hoping mine will be like a couple of days rather than a couple of months;)