How long before handles get softer?

  1. Hey all, I just got a mono papillon 26. this is my first bag with flat vachetta handles (the others are rolled)...

    do the handles get softer, more broken in? if so, how long does it naturally take? anything to get it softer sooner? right now, b/c it's so new, the handles are kinda scratchy if you know what i mean.

  2. It depends on how much you use it, but with my strap of my psp case that I use a Lot it turned softer in 2-3 weeks but is quite dirty now.
  3. my handles on my speedy took a few months
  4. it will get softer....use it often and it will be soft before you know it ;)
  5. Perhaps you can soften it some by using a white washcloth or white towel to rub the handles and take away any harsh edges? Regular use will definitely soften it too. Congratulations on the new bag - I love that bag.
  6. i don't know, but my cb pap has quite malleable straps now.
  7. i'll tell u hopefully in a month's time! took my batig out for the first time today!

    but for my pap 19, it took about 2-3 months!
  8. depends on how much you use it. I used my BH continuously and after a month the edges started fraying, so ya... I REALLY broke them in fast lol
  9. LV ages like fine wine!

    my papillon straps seemed to soften after 2 months or so after daily use
  10. You almost have to use it daily to notice a change in a couple of weeks. Usually by the time it develops its first signs of patina, it begins to soften up at that time as well.
  11. my pap26 is almost 4-5yrs old, the handles are kinda soft, but not so.. because I dont use it often... It will get softer if you use it more often..