How long before following up on a resume?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    How long should I wait to follow up on a resume? Should I do so with a phone call, a letter?

    Thank you!
  2. wait 2 weeks and if you haven't heard anything by then, call.
  3. I'd call 2-3 days to do a follow up see if they "got my resume" and chat find out who will you interview with and next time speak to them and tell them you are interested and cant wait for the interview..put your self out there!So when you are in your interview they can put a voice to a face..
  4. Wow, that seems super early! I used to intern in a law firm and it would take the hiring partner a couple weeks just to go through resumes.
  5. What position are you applying for? Ive always had good lucks with my jobs in the past. I am now a RE Broker and from what ive seen calling after a resume has been sent is impressive. It shows interest and self motivation. You dont want to wait too long cause they might have already hired someone :sad:
  6. i'd say wait 5 business days, then follow up with a phone call. best of luck to you.
  7. I usually wait 10 days to two weeks, the do the follow up call. I'm sure the hiring managers or person who is going through the resumes is swamped with them, and I don't want to seem too pushy.
  8. I think it depends on what their application terms are. I vet resumes for various positions in my organization, and we ask that people NOT to contact us in any way - that if we are interested, we would contact them. When people do call, they never get patched through to anyone, and I never talk to them. We don't have an HR director, so a few of us take on hiring for our organization, in addition to our normal duties. I hate to sound indifferent because I know how difficult a job search is, but it would take up a huge chunk of my day to talk to every person who called about an open position (or stopped by to see someone unscheduled or unannounced).
  9. exactly!
  10. I'd say a week or two as well, and how you approach it depends on whether you've sent the resume to HR or directly to the hiring manager. In my organization, all resumes must be submitted to HR first; they screen and pass along the ones that look promising. If you've sent the resume directly to HR, you can call to verify that they've recieved, but you probably aren't going to get much more information than that, and most HR departments are so overworked these days that you may not even get an acknowledgement that your resume has been received. If you've sent directly to hiring manager, then follow up a week or so after they've received the resume. You may or may not have any luck with introducing yourself and asking some questions about the job/organization, depending on how busy the manager is at that point. Best approach would be to say "I'd love to ask you some questions about Company X and your department, when is a convenient time for you?"
  11. I say 2 weeks. Sometimes they get a lot of resumes (like 100s for 1 position) and it takes a while for the HR to get it and if it's not their prority, the pile can sit around for couple of days. Then, it takes them time to lookbriefly look over the pile. I know not all, but many HR people or the person who's in charge of recruiting do not like to be bothered via phones/emails too early in the process (ie:not giving them at least 5 business days to settle on it). Many times, they have more other imp't works bombarding them.