how long b4 uSPS returns a package


May 19, 2007
Hi all,
i received a notice on the 29th for one of my ebay packages, since i work during the week, i figured i would wait till saturday to pick it up. I went to pick it up saturday and the post office said they were delivering it to me today so it wasn't there. i waitied for the mailman to ring all day ( i live in an apt so i coudln't actually catch him in person) but he never rang with my package... i'm wondering how long do they hold onto packages at post office, before they return the package to sender, they can't deliver unless i sign for it....


Feb 16, 2007
I think that the 14 day rule sounds correct. Because, I am infamous at my post office for not being there when a package comes, so I'm always walking in with a pink slip (I live in a small town, so there are about two mail people).

Anyway, usually they redeliver like 5 or so days later, or a considerable amount later. I got a pink slip once on a Monday and I wasn't able to pick it up until Thursday night, and they still hadn't redelivered it.

It might be different in larger/smaller post offices though.