How long are the current season bags available?

  1. I'm a bbag newbie, so sorry if this is a dumb question...

    I have recently fallen in love with violet, and I would LOVE a violet city with regular hardware. I know they've been out for some time now, but I was wondering - how long are the season's bags usually in store?

    I know it will depend on popularity of colors and such, but on average, can you usually find bags up until the time that the next season's new colors come out?

    I totally don't have the cash on hand to get a violet city ATM, but maybe in a month or two...if there's a chance they're still around! Thanks for the help, bbag experts!
  2. there's several on eBay right now, but not sure if you'll find any in stores, i guess all you can do is call around, try bal paris or milan?
  3. I called BalNY last week and they still have several Violet RH City's. Good luck!
  4. This is actually something I have wondered about - how long do stores keep a bag at full price? I mean, would they keep a spring bag 07 or a fall bag 06 at full retail price if a fall 07 or spring 08 collection was arriving in the store?
  5. I am assuming that Bal bags don't ever go on sale in the big stores, Neimans, Saks, Nordstrom, Barneys. I could be wrong. I just today purchased a 2006 Grenat bag from Barneys. Didn't even think to ask about whether it was discounted or not. The SA thought it was a brand new bag. hmmmmm
  6. Really?! Oh snap I'm totally going to have to call them tomorrow...if I can scrounge the money together out of my budget...I really wanna get SOMETHING in violet! Purple is so my favorite color; my bedroom walls at home are purple, my sweet 16 dress was purple, I am ALL about purple!
  7. i read that BalNY doesn't ever go on sale.

    how much did you pay for it? what style is it? congrats anyway! :smile:
  8. I will say that my local boutique here in Raleigh, NC will put there bags on sale. However, they carry only a handful of bags and once the new collection arrives they try to get rid of their old stock. For example, I purchased my '06 Rouille Twiggy in early August 2006 and got it for 30% off. And a month or so back, they had a White City for 30% off.
  9. It seems to depend on the color and style, and how long they've had it. I've definitely read posts where tPF members found a bag on sale somewhere, or a single store (usually a smaller boutique) had a sale running on all of their bags (sometimes up until they started getting calls from all the tPF members and decided they weren't on sale anymore!!) I got a non-Moto bbag on sale from Barneys myself. I don't think there's generally a big "clear out the old season to make way for the new" sale anywhere, at least not at the big chains, since they know that colors from past seasons may well still be very sought after.
  10. hi bags4fun,

    I saw that u recently purchased a grenat from barneys. I live in nyc and have been looking for a rouge 05 or grenat and cannot seem to find it anywhere, which barneys did u purchase your beauty?

  11. I saw some Grenat at Barney's Beverly Hills earlier this seek - a courier and maybe a first?. Barney's puts some bags on sale sometimes, but it seems kind of erratic and they don't do it automatically when the new season comes in. And they seem to pull stuff from the back every so often and a bunch of past season bags will be on display. I saw a greige courier a few weeks ago there - greige! Out of nowhere! I was - ahem - underfunded at the time, or I would have grabbed it. I would love a greige something.
  12. Depends on the color. I was surprised at the age of some of the bags at BNY when I went there but they were definately picked over and the worst of the lot IMO.

    The violet was probably the hottest color of the season so it would be in stores for a shorter time than some of the other less demanded colors.