How long and background story

  1. How long did it take you ladies to acquire the H collections you current have? Do you have any interesting stories that goes with a particular item?

    I just love to hear about stories behind each acquisitions. It's like a special memory :yes:
  2. my bag i'm sure everyone's aware of as you were all right there with me.
    my other things, such a belts, tea set, bracelets, scarves, are all just spur of the moment purchases. the first belt i bought, the Constance, was a really special story because it was my first significant H purchase and i felt like i had won the lottery the day i bought it. a true staple for my wardrobe.
  3. I do not have any bags but I hope too soon. I got a pink click clac bracelet from my mom for my bday last year. And this year she bought me the compact Bearn wallet in BJ for my bday. My Mom is really into Hermes and she likes to spoil me with the stuff as well. She is wonderful.
  4. I was buying vintage and used Kellys (3) from a resale shop on the left bank of Paris and one from eBay because I had heard of the long waiting lists and was told in NYC store it was impossible to get one.
    One day in 2001 when I was living in London and just browsing in the Hermes store, I told the SA I wasn't buying anything because I really wanted a Birkin or Kelly. She brought me downstairs and offered me a 35cm Rouge H box Kelly. I bought it on the spot and now smile when I hear of the long waiting lists.
  5. I have always loved Hermes bags and scarves but my collection has just begun a couple of months ago. My husband went to NYC went to the boutique determined on getting a Birkin. His persistence payed off and he walked out 1 hr later with my first hermes item. 35 cm Orange Birkin. In the 2 months that have followed I have been lucky enough to get a 35cm red kelly and 5 scarves. It has been a great couple of months but I am on H ban for a while
  6. I have always loved Hermes but thought I was too young to appreciate it like I should.
    I started collecting bags and accessories about 2 years ago and now, at 25, I feel pretty happy with my acquisitions and I'm glad I waited.

    Ok, dumb story... :shame:
  7. Boring story too but bascially after I signed up with tPF in October of '06, I got a Kelly (via eBay- gently used but NEW to me!) and fell in love with pouchettes and twillys. Then HAD to get cadena and scarf rings to wear w/the pouchettes! My small and simple collection all acquired in about 5 months. Damn, I need an H-sugar daddy :nuts: !
  8. you and me both, guccihoochie (lol at your user name). so that's where you got that gorgeous kelly! :smile: congrats. i wish they had navy or indigo box in active production, but better for my wallet that they don't!
  9. I mentioned the all time favorite classic Kelly to my husband a few years ago (near Christmas) and he went on a hunt. I ended up with a Rouge with gold h/w and black with Pallidium. However, he originally starting my H collection with a scarf right after we got married almost 15 years ago. The good man that he is continues to fill my collection with scarves, wraps and now two Birkins. His mother and grandmother taught him well.
  10. I've been collecting *H* scarves for many years (almost 20?). Some came from various *H* boutiques, and the others came either from consignment or duty free shops. I also have two Constance belts, both of which came from consignment shops and both brand new. Neither one had ever been worn.

    I only started buying the bags recently, within the past couple of years, and they all came from reputable resellers (no eBay -- thought it was too risky). I decided to deal only with the resellers after hearing conflicting stories about the waiting lists and people ordering a bag with certain specifications, then after waiting for months, being offered something entirely different, having to invest $$$$$ in buying other items in order to cultivate *relationships* with SAs, etc. Of course, after joining this forum, I've learned that not EVERYONE goes through the above to acquire their *H* bags. But I have no regrets. I would say that my experiences with the resellers have all been positive. In each case, I got exactly the bag I wanted at a decent price (on par with what I would have paid at the boutique, give or take a few) and the service was great.

    I don't care that I missed the whole buying at the *H* boutique experience and being the first to unwrap my bag. That wasn't important to me. All the bags I got in the end, except for one, which was very lightly used, were brand new (one even still had the plastic on the hardware). Getting the exact bags I wanted without having to wait months or years was my sole priority and I couldn't be happier.