How long ago was the color "pear" available? Anybody own any pieces?

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  1. Trying to find a "warm green" color and I'm bummed that our search feature is down (never realized how OFTEN I use this until it's gone).
  2. I think last spring. I saw pear hobos in the outlets a few months ago
  3. I got mine last May for my Birthday. I have the Large soho hobo and matching slim wallet. I had the signature wristlet but it ripped, so I exchanged it.
  4. I saw Pear items at the Coach Outlet this afternoon, in Aurora, Ohio.
  5. There was a pear tote on eBay..I was just browsing and thought.."what a lovely color"!
  6. Yes, it was last Spring. I recall that distinctly because it is when I first discovered Coach.
  7. There is a large hobo on eBay right now.
  8. Get OUT! I live only 45 min. away, now I must go tomorrow (or today) to check it out--thank you!!!
  9. last spring I have the french wallet and skinny mini in pear
  10. amytude - let me know how you do! I'm curious where you are at - I am about 45 minutes from their too. I live close to Crocker Park, if you know where that is!
  11. How funny...I live right up the street from Crocker small world. :yes:
  12. How funny! The girls in the Crocker Park Coach store tell me that I am not the only one who shops there and visits this forum. Is that where you shop, too, Aimee? And I love ALF, BTW!
  13. Yep..they are all so nice there...they can talk me into just about anything...however, I go very willingly.. :smile::smile:
  14. Yup, this color came out last spring. I will look for a picture of my bag.
  15. pear soho hobo and mini skinny