How long after winning can I pay

  1. Hi there, I'm watching a bag on eBay that I really want. Problem is that the auction ends tonight. I always pay for my items immediately, but I'd like to wait for my new Amex cycle this time, which means I don't want to pay until Friday. Is this okay or will the seller be upset? Please let me know what you guys :confused1: think.
  2. Perhaps you can inform the sellers first? As long as he/she is ok with that...
  3. usually they give you at the most 5 days to pay and 2-3 days at the least unless its an immediate payment. I would e-mail the seller first. :smile:
  4. You have 7 days to pay-thats an eBay rule-if the seller mentions anything about payment in the auction, email them and address it-as a seller, it always makes me feel better to have ANY kind of contact with a potential buyer-and your reason for asking is reasonable, anyway-if it would make you feel more confident, just write and say, would you be OK with my paying in the following way-good luck!
  5. I would have asked the seller before bidding. that way there are no misunderstandings.
  6. Check the sellers terms of service listed in the listing or the special instructions at the bottom of the listing. Then go ahead and bid if you can conform to the TOS. If you can't conform to the TOS, send the seller an e-mail asking if she could allow you to pay on Friday (and make sure you do).

    Once you win, in either case, send the seller an e-mail letting her know you plan on paying Fri.
  7. After the auction, I would just email the seller and let them know when you will be paying. Most sellers will be ok with it, they usually just like some contact from the buyer.
  8. Pugsonpurses is correct, you have 7 days to pay and the seller should be fine with that. Just email the seller soon after winning and let her know. It's not even 7 days away. I think most inportantly is that she knows that you will pay.
  9. I would just ask the seller prior to bidding, I am sure that they would be fine with that.
  10. I'm not sure I understand. I have amex, and my due date is usually around the 10th. I get the bill around the 1st. If I buy something on the 8th, I don't have to pay interest on it, and it's due the following month....
  11. Hi,

    The American Express charge card (usually the gold corporate card) is due in 30 days from date of billing. My bill cuts off on the 29th of the month. It is due by the 29th of the following month. Any charges made in that period will show on the next bill and will be due in 30 days. However, when I get my bill it will say that is it due on the 13th, but that is just a guide, I have until the 29th to pay.

    If I charge something on the 28th, it goes on my bill that is cut and printed the next day, the 29th, and the entire bill is due in 30 days.

    If I charge something on the 30th (by waiting one day) the charge does not show up on my bill until the FOLLOWING month, it is printed on the 29th of the FOLLOWING month, and is due 30 days from that. So, in other words I get 60 days to pay for that item, instead of 30 days, by holding off on the purchase for 1 day.

    I often will delay a purchase by one or two days if I am close to my billing date to get the "extra month" to pay. This is for A/E charge cards, that must be paid in full in 30 days, not A/E credit cards that you can run a balance on and pay over time.
  12. oy vey.. the cc. hate them.

    i would just ask the seller. I never have problems with buyers who need to pay after the 7 days or what not. as long as you explain the situtation and hope the the seller is not discouraged by sheisty buyers you sould be ok.
  13. I email sellers after winning and tell them that I will pay in a couple of days. as long as they know you will pay I am sure you are fine.
  14. While eBay gives you 7 days before the buyer can file a NPB complaint, I am sure the seller would appreciate an email explaining when you will pay.
  15. holy cow that's good to know. I have both a charge and a credit from them and I didn't know this difference. Thanks. :yes: