How Long After Married?

  1. How long after you were married did you and DH start trying to have children? Ive almost been married two years and everybody is wanting DH and I to have a baby. We are waiting until I graduate at the end of this year and I get settled into my career. How about everybody else? I did stop birth control but we use condoms. I guess if it happens we feel it was meant too. God's will and all. What do you think?
  2. We started trying (meaning that I went off the pill) a week or two before our 5th anniversary. We definitely had people, especially family, wondering if we were going to have kids at all, but we both figured it's none of their business. We wanted to be comfortable in our marriage, have a good foundation relationship-wise and financially, get to a certain point in our careers, travel, etc., and we're both very glad that we did. I did worry now & then that I might be waiting too long and what would happen if we had problems, but it all worked out for us! It's really about what you're comfortable with for you, not about what other people think you "should" do. If you think you want to wait, I wouldn't go off birth control.
  3. We have been living together for 8 years and married for 3. We were going to start trying, but have decided to wait a little bit longer (DH is going through his Internal Medicine residency which takes a lot of time emotional support). I think that it is good to make sure that you are at a good place in your lives before you start trying. Years together/married shouldn't really enter into it! Some days I am so ready to have a baby and other days I am so greatful that we don't have one yet. I have started taking folic acid daily though . . . a new study came out showing that if you take it for 1 year prior to TTC you can cut your chance of having a premature baby by a significant percentage. Sometimes if you are not totally ready to TTC yet, it is nice to feel like you are on the path to TTC and work on getting your body ready:smile:
  4. We started trying a little before our second anniversary, and got pregnant very quickly!
  5. We were married for 2 years before we decided to get pg. It was nice to have some time for just us before we expanded the family.
  6. My husband is 35 and I'm 29, i graduated from university 7 years ago and am as happy as i can be with the current status of my career. I found out i was pregnant about 2 months before our wedding day :p The pregnancy wasn't planned but it was most definitely wanted. Hubby and I have been together for 6 years, married for almost 4 months, were engaged for almost 3 years.

    You should try not to let other people influence your decision on when you guys get to have children, it's really none of their business, it's between your and your husband . If you feel like you should be having other priorities in life like your career, then so be it, there is nothing wrong with waiting a bit longer :smile:
  7. Like Kimberf, we tried right around our 5th anniversary...we wanted to be married for a while, travel a lot (!), get my husband settled in his career, buy a house and just have some "us" time before we brought a child into our family. Our families did wonder if we would ever have kids; our brothers and sisters were married for a much shorter time and were having kids sooner, but for us, this was the right choice. Don't let anyone pressure you; only you and your hubby know when the time is right. So far, we have no regrets :smile:
  8. We started trying in May '05 after getting married Aug '03. We conceived 8 mos later, Jan '06.
  9. 2 years. We'll be having the baby a month before our 3 year anniversary. We also stopped birth control and were not actively trying but rather tempting fate.
  10. We started trying 9 months after.
  11. We were together for 16 years, married for 13.
  12. started trying shortly after our 1 year anniversary...weve been together for total of 5 years but our 2nd wedding anny is coming feb 18 and i am about 7 months prego now=)
  13. Married 9.5 years before we started trying....still trying.
  14. Started TTC after 3 years of marriage. Still waiting :girlsigh:
  15. We got pregnant and I gave birth before we were married. Julia was born end of April 2007 and we got married in July 2007 :smile: