How long after graduating?

  1. How long after graduation did you wear your class ring? Did you only wear it during school? I graduated 3 years ago & haven't worn it in like 3 years b/c it wouldn't fit my chubby little finger from my weight gain from pregnancy, last year I had it should I wear it or keep it in my jewelry box as a keepsake.
  2. I STILL wear my class ring. My high school class ring has not left my finger since 11th grade. I'm 24 now.
  3. i wore mine until i got engaged. i have this weird thing about not wearing more than one ring at a time.

    if you like it, wear it!
  4. I haven't worn it since I graduated high school. Heck, I hardly wore it when I was in HS.
  5. I stopped wearing it the summer after I graduated high school. As soon as I got to college I realized graduating high school really wasn't that big of a deal.

    I think mine is at my Mom's house somewhere.
  6. maybe a year. After that I felt silly wearing it...especially since I had started college and was living with my dh.

    Matter-of-fact...I spent a ton of money on that thing...I should try to find it....

  7. I never got one, my parents bought me a ring instead, its an emerald with two diamonds on the side, set in yellow gold. I don't wear it much either but that's because I haven't been wearing rings lately.
  8. I am 34 years old, and I still wear mine on occasion! My father spent a lot of money on that ring, and I don't look at it so much as "Woohoo, I graduated", but more like it is a gift from my dad.

    Also, my sister is 36 and still wears hers as well.
  9. I wear it occasionally.
  10. WOW I didnt know class rings existed??? Can someone kindly show me some pictures :smile:
  11. i didnt get a class ring for high school, i am waiting to get one from undergrad and med school (same school so i will get it after i graduate med school) and probably wear it a lot
  12. I'm sitll in high school, but I wear mine everyday. My parents bought it for me, so I consider it more of a gift than a ring to celebrate my graduating this year. I may not wear my ring everyday once I graduate, but I'll still wear it often. I plan on getting a class ring once I finish college so I can wear the two together.
  13. I never bought my class ring.
  14. I never bought my HS class ring and don't plan to buy the undergrad ring when I graduate (NEXT MAY!) but my roommate wears her class ring--she is currently a junior and planning on getting her undergrad ring