How Lived in is Your Bags?

  1. I was with my GF today at a Doctor's appt. She had Breast Cancer last year the exact same time with Mom so the 3 of us went through it together. Their Biopsies and surgery's were just a week apart so everyone went to everyone elses appts.

    Anyway...Back on Track... when she had started Chemo I wanted to get her a nice gift. She had no nice bags (only Walmart brands) but she loved my Purses. So I got her a Jessie in Bourbon. She has used that bag exclusively for a year and I saw it today.

    I was so amazed. It is soooo soft and slouchy. All the leather is so soft and pliable, everywhere on the bag. I didn't know this happens! LOL My Jessie I bought at the same time still have stand up stiff straps! She was teasing me and said I really need to let her borrow some of my bags to get them workin in. If I don't stop buying bags I'll never get my bags "Lived In".
  2. aww i`m sorry that the girls close to you have cancer =(

    back to bags, i just got a few new ones and i rotate them a lot so even after 2 months they are still stiff =/
  3. What on earth is the fatman doing in our thread? Spaming?
  4. Lexie, I know what you mean, my new Koobas remain looking new because I have so many of them.

    The only one that is lived in is the Jessie, I bought her used and the leather is much softer and pliable.

    I bet some of these older Koobas will be around long after we leave this earth. My daughter loves them all, especially my Maria. I make sure to keep all paperwork on each bag, style name, tags and receipts in a file envelope to keep the history of them intact for future generations.
  5. This has brought up a rather morbid thought for me but I should make some plans. What if something happened to me? I have a closetful of bags. Worth a load of money. No one in my family is remotely interested in bags. My husband knows they are there but doesn't know their names or what they are worth. I would want my bags to be available to Purse Forum People at low low costs. But Of course If I am dead I couldn't sell them in the MP...LOL And no one else I knew could. I could tell my sister but she doesn't even know this purse forum exists. I guess she could sell them on eBay as she has a fair amount of feedback but she has no idea how to list a bag...what it's worth, what it is even!

    I just brought this up to my husband right now and he said He wouldn't even care what happened to the bags because I would be gone and I shouldn't even think about it. He said he doesn't want to talk about me dieing.

    What are you guys going to do with your bags after you are gone? Alot of us have a fair collection!
  6. I would leave mine to my daughter, she is only 3 but if they were stored properly I bet she would love them as a teenager/adult.
  7. Lexie..I hope your friend is making a good recovery.

    I agree that bags look better with lots of use. I realised that too much baby-ing and too little use kept my bags looking 'too new' and I hate that.
    I have now sold five of my bags and now I only have 4 bags. A scarlett, my on-the-way lena, my tano and a 'no name' black leather bag incase I ever need a black one. (I hate black bags so I wont spend big bucks on that colour :lol:)
    Now Im going to use the three designer bags frequently in the hope that the leather softens up and gets that 'worn in' look that I love.

    LOL....I have a morbid sense of humour, so I would probably want my bags buried with me...and in 5000 years when Im discovered by aliens or whoever is on earth then, they could see if the Kooba leather was still intact and if it is, they could let my great-great-great-great grandkids know that their grandma wasnt so crazy to spend big bucks on good quality leather bags, even though granddad thought that she was nuts to do so!!! :lol:
  8. Thanks, My Friend is fine. Actually she was having some Rib pain so she went in to get her results of a MRI and BoneScan but Thank God they were fine. She has some adhesions causing her pain.

    Ok....morbid we can do....why not ask Kooba if they will design and make you your own personal burial shroud. Maybe a Thick Pebbled Bourbon Leather? Or maybe black is more appropriate? :death:

    LOLOL...I was just "Dieing" to use that emoticon sometimes...LOL
  9. I know LarSue added her bags to her will and I am going to follow suit.

    Lexie, that was wonderful of you to get your friend a bag and I too hope she's recovering.

    The other day I had to take a puppy to the vet to get a health certificate, she was going to fly her way to her new mama in Florida and I didn't yet have a travel crate ready for her. So my girl, Sienna helped out! I lined her with newspaper and put the pup in her. They went into the back seat of the car where we could seatbelt them in and off we went. No accidents, no fuss and I think the little pup enjoyed her ride in a pretty expensive carrier! :smile:
  10. ^^^
    Grace, I think you were very brave there, letting the puppy ride in your Sienna, LOL

    How nice that your friend loved the Jessie so much, she uses it constantly, Lexie, you found her a present she really was able to enjoy:smile:

    The only really lived in of all my bags, is the Ivory Sienna, as she travelled through three continents with me last summer and every time I look at her now, I think of California:heart: She is quite slouchy, the way I hope the Cognac will go with time.
  11. My Kooba Alex is worn in now. It really was fast. At first the bag leather seemed stiff and wanted to hold the box shape. Now after a total of about 3 weeks use, it has gotten so soft and slouchy. The bottom pouches and it looks so much better. I get alot of compliments on it. That bright pink attracts alot of attention.
  12. my sienna is so soft and supple..granted i've had it since july 2005. but it just melts into a little ball when i throw it on the floor in my room (ha -no wonder it's so worn in)

    my sisters would happily take my bags...i'm the youngest but have the biggest "collection" 2 LVs, one prada, a few coach, soon to be 2 koobas, and a lauren merkin clutch

    I talk about bags and purses so much my family knows everything about them! haha
  13. Here's a few pics of my now Smushy Alex. This bag is such a trooper. It's the one that had the mishap with Italian salad dressing but you'd never know it due to Wilson's leather protector. BTW...I just sent for 2 more cans. Our Wilson's store closed so now I have to go to Pittsburgh (an hour away) to go to Wilsons so I just decided to do it online.



  14. haha i use the everliving crap out of my Bonnie and i love it because of the fact. i think you should stop buying and start using miss lexie ;) no just kidding don't stop buying. your table will get sad. lol!
  15. But I didn't "buy" Bliss...this bag is ancient, like a whole 2 months old!!!! LOL