How Limited is the Pond Patent Leather??

  1. I am trying to decide between the Pond Patent Leather tote or hobo but I wasnt sure how many of these were going to be made or how limited edition they were does anyone here know?? thanks

  2. i like the hobo
  3. I ordered the tote yesterday and the SA didn't say anything about a limited number being available, but when I asked about the hobo, she went to look it up and said 88 were currently available.

    She also indicated that many stores were not getting the pond patent.
  4. ^My boutique did not get the pond patent. They only got the brown patent. BTW, the hobo is humongous!
  5. The store near me got the pond patent tote. They claimed they were also getting the hobo.
  6. My store only had the brown patent. They told me limited stores were getting the pond. Maybe call JAX and see how many they have in stock?
  7. yeah I probably will do that grr I just cant decide hobo or tote lol