How limited is limited?

  1. Anyone have the inside scoop on exactly how *limited* this groom line is? My SA would not tell me how many pieces of each item were being made. Inquiring minds want to know!

    I know the Grafitti speedy was 5000.......

    anyone know???
  2. i saw on the look book...same as cherry
  3. I thought it was 5000 pieces of each.
  4. i talked to a gal at elux and she checked and told me 16,000 units.
  5. 16,000 of each item?
  6. as i understood it 16,000 units total. i wanted to check myself and called louis vuitton and after checking the gal said 16,000 units. i asked if this is worldwide and she replied the united states.
  7. I was wondering this question myself. Thanks for asking.
  8. if they where divided equally that is approx 34 of each item per state!
  9. That's pretty limited to me!

    I was wondering the same thing earlier!
  10. ^ is it true though? or was the SA just making a number of the top of their head? I know I was told 5000, but I think thats of each piece.
  11. I think they just want to keep everyone guessing as to the total number, since they *really* aren't supposed to reveal the actual number.
  12. More like 320. She said 16,000 not 1600.
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  14. Okay I just left Louis Vuitton South Coast Plaza and I asked my SA about the Groom line, she said the Pieces are NOT limited by number, the whole line will end on a certain day soon. She knows the day, wouldnt tell me...I kinda laughed when everyone on ebay is saying the whole Groom line is sold out. My store had loads of them...except they only got 1 scarf in which she hid for me and I bought immediately.

    uuuhhh, and to the girl above me, your post is a little inappropriate dontcha think? for this forum anyway...

  15. LOL...wth :rolleyes: Hi welcome to PF..I think you posted t at the wrong section..

    Oh Donna..congrats on your I am in wait list for bandeau..can't wait..