How limited is limited?

  1. Does anyone know when Chanel does a limited edition, how many do they produce?
  2. depends on price tag, it can go as limited as ONE piece being produced.....
  3. When I was put on the waitlist for the red reissue they said Chanel boutiques are only receiving two in each size.
  4. :yes: just depends on the specific bag, it's never the same.
    And the boutiques may get a different # than the dept stores.
    If you call 1-800 Chanel they can tell you how many the US boutiques are getting, NM can tell you how many they get, etc. . . .
    If it SUPER DUPER exclusive every one will be able to tell you the total # produced.
  5. Also, sometimes certain department stores and boutiques just don't order a certain style or color of bag making it even harder to find because it's only available at select locations.