How limited is graffiti will be?

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  1. I bought watercolor speedy in white last year but felt like it was not limited edition. There are so many out there.
    So i was wondering, how limited is graffiti will be??? couple thousand?
  2. Most of what LV releases are not limited but are termed seasonal items. Only a few pieces are limited. The most recent I believe was the Galliera Amalfitana. There were only 100 pieces made worldwide and the edition number was stamped inside the bag. The seasonal items are produced based on the demand of the market. Hope this answers your question.
  3. That's absolutely correct. A lot of the bags we think are LE are NOT! LE bags are numbered and stamped.
  4. oh so graffiti is not LE?
  5. ^ yup....even though SAs like to throw the word "LE" out there to get a sale i think, but they're really not. Like LVuitton said, a lot of the new releases are seasonal...
  6. ^I have to agree with you. There was so many times when I was looking at a bag, the SA would keep throwing the word out limited to help push a sale.

    It seems that Louis Vuitton hasn't been much limited these days. They seem to have produced too much at times. To my surprise, I've seen the monogramoflauge, miroir 35, roses and a handful of accessories just sit at my local store.

    I'll be curious to see how many grafitti they will produce this time!
  7. even the seasonal bags, tho, are kind of hard to find after a year --i bought the original graffiti and cerises after they were in stores from resellers and was lucky not to pay over retail,
    i'm a big fan of the sesasonals, they might not be rare they're still not seen everywhere
  8. Not that limited. You can order them off the US website E-Shopping on the Graffiti wallets and speedys. The pink is selling fast and out of stock online already but the the colors are still available.
  9. I talked to and they said that there were "tons" of pink speedies and they were surprised that they sold out so quickly. They only had 3 of each color of the keepalls. The SA also said that they knew that pink was going to be the #1 seller. All of my SA's told me they liked the orange best. I am starting to wonder if it is a ploy by all of the SA's to tell us they like the orange better for marketing purposes.
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    I went to Holt's in Toronto today at noon, and all the bags were 'spoken for' already - I did get to see the Pink Graffiti Speedy, but the SA kept telling me it was reserved for someone else. A bit annoying. She said they received only 6 bags and they all were spoken for already.
    Same with the zippy wallets.
    But I managed to snag myself the Pink Graffiti zippy coin purse. Its darling and I guess saved myself a ton of money b/c the other items I wanted were already 'Spoken for'.
  11. Thats awful that all the items were allready spoken for when the Graffiti items were supposed to be first come, first serve basis with no reservations.
  12. Yes I was completely digusted really, but what can you do.
    I'm going to just be happy with my zippy coin purse and that I saved alot of money. After all this hype they put on, its really crappy that this happens. Oh well. :shrugs:

    Oh and when I asked her about the Neverfull, she told me there are already 8 people on the spoken for list, but if I really want to add my name I that point I was like...uh no its ok. :cursing:
  13. What was your opinion of the pink speedy? Would you have purchased it if it was available or do you like pink in the accessories?
  14. It seems that no one has a chance of getting anything anymore, unless your not "on the list" LOL, I think it should have been who ever came in first to buy the item. I went to my local store and they said the Graffiti Keepall was allready spoken, but I will maybe get one sometime in the future :tup:
  15. how much was the Coin purse in Canada???