how limited edition are we talking?

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  1. I have a silver pap on hold and I am trying to decide if I should get it. do you think this will be a cerisis situation where it really IS limited, or do you think that it will be a fluke like the MC line was???

    i don't want to drop $1,100 on a bag right now when I could put that towards X-max..but if it is my only shot????
  2. I would buy it if you can. From what I hear from SA's it is very limited and after the second smaller shipment, that's it.
  3. I agree I am hearing its very limited
  4. ugggghhhh....I just don't know! Luckily I have till the end of the day...this is such a spur-of-the-moment purchase!!
  5. if you buy it and decide you don't want it, I'm sure if you sell it on ebay you'll make lots of money!!! something to consider also.
  6. Get it, Get it!!:nuts:
  7. I think this is more limited than the Cerises... i would get it as you will probably be killing yourself in the future if you decide you want it then.
  8. get it
  9. I am in the same boat, thinking of calling up and snatching a pochette tomorrow. :shrugs:

    I say we both do it! :yahoo:
  10. I called all around the country today, & all the SA said this line has huge waiting lists. Some stores didn't even get anything in the Miroir line. I would definitely get it. You can always sell it, trade it, or return it if your not in love.
  11. I know you posted about the pap, but any news on the pochette? I'd love to hunt down a silver or gold one! :love:
  12. get it! you always can sell it!
  13. my SA told me that if I returned the silver papillon I would probably never see it again
  14. Get it! You can always return it if you like?
  15. I'd buy it!!!