How Limited Dentelle Non-Show pieces are??

  1. Does anyone know? Are they seasonal items??
    Is this line going to be very easy to obtain as time goes by??
    My SA told me so far she got only 2 Gold Speedies.....just wondering if it's going to be like Perfo.....??
  2. i was told that they are not going to be that limited nothing like miroirs. at first that might just get a couple but then they will get more. this was from a good source.
  3. ahhh is that your squichy in the picture. i love it i wanted one of them so bad. i was on wait list and never got it.
  4. I remebering hearing Seasonal..I doubt they'll sell out like CB but they'll definitely be scarce after a couple months..
  5. They'll probably be like the perfo. Nothing like the miroir, but definitely not common still. I wonder just how limited are the showpieces though?
  6. Yeah I think they'll be like the Perfo. From what my SA has told me, customers aren't really into this line as much as they had been at first and a lot of people have taken their names off the list. She was even trying to get me to get the gold Speedy the other day lol.
    But yeah I think the non-show bags will be pretty easy to get ahold of.
  7. Oh, great! Thanks for the info. I guess Patchwork Collection is going to be the same, too??
  8. i was also told the show bags will not be hard to get
  9. i heard one shot. second shipment is not promised.
  10. That's what I was told as well. I'm so bummed that the cles was cut from the line, now there'll be less accessories to go around.
  11. I've heard that the Dentelle line is limited but the SA didn't say as to how many will be distributed as a whole in the US. I do know that some of the boutiques go limited quanities. I was inquiring about the BH and my boutique got two golds only :wtf: There was no waitlist for the silver and I don't know how many they were getting of that one.

    Try calling 866-vuitton.
  12. I was told that it was limited not seasonal.
  13. I was told it was seasonal, just like the Groom and Perfo!!!
  14. I was told that the seasonal=LE, rep said there're only 2 lines which are seasonal & permanent.

    I tried to ask the difference about seasonal & LE , but she insisted that it's the same.

    So, I guess.... :shrugs: it depends on number produced only.

    Anyway, I called my SA and asked about dentelle speedy, she said the store will receive only 4 gold.
  15. I talked to my SA today, and she said it's limited, not seasonal.