How limited are the neo speedy?

  1. I heard the green and fuschia neo speedies are limited edition but how limited are they? When do you expect these 2 colors to be discontinued? By the end of this summer? I might get a green neo speedy later this year but not right now (since I got other bags in mind). What do you think?

    green neo speedy.jpg

    fuschia neo speedy.jpg

    Source: eluxury
  2. Also, do you think the denim material is worth the price? That's what stopping me from splurging on one right now.

    Any neo speedy owners out there that can give feedbacks?
  3. I cant buy one yet.:sad: but that FUSHIA one is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-Z:love: I hear its limited aswell like the Perfo. The green one isnt as bright and vibrant as the fushia one. If I could i'd get it cause its gonna be gone like the cherise...
  4. I had this same conversation with a representative on 1866vuitton.
    I want to buy a fuchia speedy but also want to wait a little while.

    They told me that they couldnt be "sure" when the bags would run out but it would probably be by the end of summer.

    I would just keep checking with the SA at your closest LV store. They could probably tell you when the supply is getting low. That's what I plan on doing :biggrin:
  5. like my SA always tells me .. the 'limited edition' bags are for 1 season only. which is 3-6 months? depending on the shipments and how many shipments they get and how quickly they run out

    maybe you should get it as soon as you can so as to avoid disappointment if you can't get your hands on one in the future.

    the new denim colours are gorgeous! i wish i could afford one now
  6. Thanks girls! I'm still debating whether I should drop one grand on a DENIM bag. I absolutey love the green neo but is afraid that I might get sick of it within a few wks. I don't have any denim bags or was never into them until now.
  7. LV in Toronto has them in both colors as well as Baggy GM and PM.:biggrin:
  8. there are 2 sorts of "limited" when it comes to lv bags. there are those bags limited in number (onatah) and those limited in time (denim and perfo). so they'll keep producing and shipping the demin line until a certain date. so i guess you're on the safe side if you wait for a while. we still have tons of denim and perfo bags in our store.