how limited are the cloud bags and lvoe totes?

  1. does anyone know?

    i really like the cloud bag that looks like a hobo (the one that is $2350) but at the same time i also love the lvoe tote as i'm a simple jeans kind of gal.

    i was thinking if they are not too limited, then i can buy the more expensive one now and then save to buy the second later.....but if they are very limited, then i might have to stretch the bank and buy both. i dont want to miss out and then pay a premium on eBay for it later....
  2. I know the LVOE are less limited than the Olympe (cloud bags) but only the canvas bags have been released due to prduction probs on the satin ones. If you want either of these bags. You should act NOW! b/c they will sell out very quickly. The LVOE totes esp/
  3. I think there will be more canvas LOVE totes around (esp. as the SA at my store have been really pushing this range, which means not that many people have waitlisted for it)...I love the look of both of them and I think the clouds range will be quite limited and popular due to the range being produced in lambskin (refer to mono vienna range and how popular that has become). GOOD LUCK with what you decide:heart:
  4. The nimbus (the hobo style) looks great with jeans. I think they are pretty desireable but you can most likely get your hands on both.

    Also FYI: the nimbus is not $2350 now it's gone up by $200, it's $2550.
  5. I think they are very limited so maybe you should get them now :yes:
  6. thanks ladies. i will eventually get both. i just want to get the one that is MORE limited now, so i have more time to save up for the second one. i'd like to space the two purchases out, with a month in between (ideally) but if in a month, one or the other is going to be sold out, i'll starve for a bit (kidding) so i can get both.

    so, it seems like the cloud (nimbus) bag is more limited than the lvoe tote? i'm going to go to LV this weekend and see if i can get that first..... :yes: (is there a waitlist for it?)
  7. so there aren't going to be any satin totes? :push: i was kind of hoping to get that since it's cheaper than the canvas one.

  8. thanks....i didn't know, i thought it was $2350. did it just go up recently?

  9. It went up from the pricing listed in the look book. Happens alot. I recently bought mine and it was $2,550!:shrugs:
  10. I just picked up my NIMBUS was 2550 plus tax..over 2700........
    She is worth every penny..I ADORE this bag...I was goona get a LOVE tote..I found that they looked cheap I passed..Nimbus is BEAUTIFULLY made and Im filling her up with my stuff as we speak..LOL
  11. YEAH!! JILL! I am so glad you got her! :yahoo:
  12. NONO! There will be ones just the date has been pushed back for release and prob les will be made than anticipated.:sad: :sad:
  13. Are the canvas LOVE totes out? Where? My store says in another 1 to 2 months.
  14. there so cute -- I hope you get one:smile:
  15. How lucky are you guys to have the cloud bags already...

    I'm still waiting for mine as Australia is so slow~~