How limited are bonbons?

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  1. I saw a few threads mentioning how limited the bonbons are....are they really??
    Are we talking about Mirror Speedy limited???

    Does anyone really know??:confused1::confused1:
  2. ^^I believe they are very limited. Two stores I shop at didn't receive any bon bons.
  3. I would say more limited than Miroir speedies as the Dubai boutique only got 1 piece of each color whereas the speedies they got like 3-4 in each color plus they had another shipment on the way which had same amount but they were ruined in the rain!! crazy I know, there was some very angry customers believe me!
  4. Oh, wow I'm surprised. If this was special pieces with exotic skin, then I understand the rarity....but it's fairly cheap(reasonable) for LE and looks to be popular for spring/summer bag. I wonder why LV didn't make more??
  5. Much more limited then Miroir speedy. I get whatever I want at my boutique and they called to apologize today and said they are getting NONE and cant get any. :sad:
  6. I've mentioned this a few times in other threads...
    My SA told me there were only 80 TOTAL produced.
    If that's not a true "limited edition", I dont' know what is !!!!
  7. wow 80 pieces for the US?
  8. 80? I highly doubt that..but im sure they are more limited than miroir!
  9. i heard it was 100 or less. so SUPER limited.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they were using the bonbon as their "relaunch" of truly LE pieces, as lately they have been calling certain lines/styles LE but then re-releasing them as permanent pieces.
  11. Does anyone know if they're more/less limited than the aquarelle (exotic) line? I had no issues getting my aquarelle papillon but am having some with the bonbon.
  12. The Bon Bon is super limited much more so than the Miroir.
  13. Wow, that's so sad! :crybaby:I haven't gotten such a call from my SA yet, but I guess I should be prepared.
  14. i wonder if they're dealing with all the complaints they've been getting. first this and now in hawaii with the damier neverfull (not shipping out any).

    i guess i like the true LE status. but at the same time it makes me worry if i'll get my hands on any LEs.
  15. My SA in Nashville said they weren't getting any Bon Bon's. They are getting 10 vnn watercolor speedys. It's sounds very limited.