How likely is it that I'd be able to get my $$$ back?

  1. I got burned by an eBay seller a few years back. I paid with my AmEx through PayPal and neither would refund my money when the bag turned out to be obviously fake. AmEx said they couldn't do anything and then PayPal said that they wouldn't do anything b/c the seller did send me the item.

    Now I've found another bag that I am pretty sure is authentic (it was authenticated on tPF as well) but I can't get the other incident out of my mind. This bag is quite a bit more than the other fake (this one is around $800.) The only way for me to get this bag is through eBay since it isn't made anymore.

    What can I do to protect myself so history doesn't repeat itself?
  2. It's a tough question and really sad that it has to be this way, for honest buyers and sellers both. I personally stay away from eBay. I watch a lot of items that I'm pretty sure are real and the sellers have excellent feedback, I ask a lot of questions, do the end I chicken out. If the item is something you MUST have (like you said they don't make it anymore) then go for it if you feel like the seller is friendly and funny feelings about it. Like me, even if all is well you'll still probably feel funny..:sad:

    Maybe different credit card companies have different policies, I don't know if any would protect you in ebay. I'm probably not much help, just letting you know what I do as a buyer. I feel bad too because I'm also a seller and I sell my own pre-loved bags that ARE real. *sigh*
  3. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. I am actually like you. I generally hate eBay and I avoid it. I wouldn't even be considering it if it were possible that I'd be able to buy it from the boutique or department store directly.
  4. Wow, I'm surprised you had trouble with Amex. There have been a few times when I've been duped and I've always gotten my money back -- every penny of it. Maybe they've changed their policies recently?
  5. This was in probably 2001 or 2002 so it has been at least 5 years since this happened.
  6. Get it in writing that the sellers '100% guarantees authenticity on this bag and guarantees 100% refund if found not to be authentic.' Print out that email. Its just an extra step that Paypal can see. If her feedback is good, no fake complaints and the bag is as good as you can see it to be, trust your instincts.
  7. I would call Amex to see what their current policy is regarding this problem. I had a similar problem last year and Amex refunded my money. Maybe they have a better policy now that there is more fraud on the internet. Sad but that's our world right now.

  8. Im the exact same way. I cant wait to get to the lower 48 where I can buy from real stores! LOL:tup:

    That is why I never buy anything that is over a few hundred dollars. Im just too worried of loosing that kind of cash!