How likely an NM sale order to go through?

  1. I just ordered a Stam and an online person did it for me, they put it on hold as they did it, then after the order it said item no longer available, the rep said they cant guarantee I will get it but it is very likely, apparantely the order takes 48hrs to process, I was just wondering for those of you who have ordered from the online sale before how likely it is to go through and how often it gets cancelled?
  2. Usually it will say cancelled in the order status right away- if not it will most likely go through! You got a Stam on sale??? what color, How much??
  3. OMG how lucky are you to find a stam:yes:. If you spoke with a live operator chances are it will go through.
  4. You'll know a lot sooner than 48 hours. If you check your order status and it says "In Process" you should be getting it. Usually if they get canceled it happens very quickly. Like within a few minutes. Call them right now or check online and if they say it is being processed you should be fine.
  5. I cant check online as I am from the UK and I had to do it with a online person so nothing shows up as I only just registered after I did the order, I am doing the online chat now to see if there is an update, I'm not holding my breath though, just have a feeling it wont go through
  6. Actually, that's not true. I've ordered things from NM and they'll shop up as "in process" for about 2 days before they're cancelled (if they no longer have the item). The best thing you can do is call them and ask, they should be able to tell you then.
  7. I spoke to the online person and she said it was processing and was due for shipping tomorrow and it all looked fine, do you think it will be?
  8. This is what the person said:

    our order is currently in a ready-to-ship status. We show that your approximate arrival date is May 30th, 2007.

    What does that mean? That I have the bag or it could still be cancelled?
  9. The order has not processed yet. As long as the vendor does not inform us that we are unable to sell the item and that the bag is in good condition, there should not be a problem with the item. We will have more information on the item and the order after the credit card verify's.

    It will not be shipped tomorrow. It will take another day or two for the credit card information to verify.
  10. She then said this:

    The bag is reserved for you.

    apparantely they have to charge your card first which taked 48 hrs and then they ship, she said it is reserved and the likelihood of it being cancelled is very unlikely
  11. I'm still stressing though! Anyone else ordered from them before and know how it works?
  12. I guess I'm just lucky because whenever an order is canceled it happens within the first few minutes for me. Out of my last 64 orders only 3 were canceled (sale bags) and I knew within a few minutes.
  13. They said it will only be cancelled if the vendor does not have the bag whoever the vendor is!
  14. I expect knowing my luck it wont go through
  15. it happened to me also - 3 times!!! i didn't receive the notice until 2 days after... so i would say - don't keep your hopes up until you actually receive the shipment confirmation.

    i called to complain and the sales person offered me a one time $100 off any handbag (like that is anything considering all premier handbags are $1800)

    best of luck to you tho.