How life can come full circle - makes you realize life is good

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  1. Two years ago I was president of a moms club group and one of our member's husband died quite suddenly from a brain aneursym. He left behind his wife, a 7 year old child with pretty severe autism and a 4 year old.

    During that time we tried to help her with laundry, childcare (her husband was in a coma for a month before they decided to end life support), held a fund raiser and so on. It shook us all to the core because well, it could happen to anyone.

    Fastforward two years and now I just got a request to make a wedding cake for her. She's getting married in April. She has healed, found love again and is moving on. I'm so happy for her and her kids.

    It just makes me realize that even with things look like they are so bleak, that life goes on and time heals. Now she needs help with celebrating versus grieving and I'll gladly take part!
  2. That is great. Congrats to her.

    I love good news. =)
  3. Wonderful news! I'd love to see pictures of the cake when you're done!!!
  4. Congratulations to her!
  5. What a sweet story...thank you for sharing.
  6. It is always nice to see people pick up the pieces and find happiness and joy in their lives.
  7. Yes, thank you so much for sharing!!!
  8. Life does indeed go on. Best wishes to your friend. Thanks for sharing her story. :heart:
  9. That is awesome, thanks for brighting up my day. It always makes me happy to know two are in love, congrats to them.

    Congrats on the cake, it's going to look awesome I bet ;)
  10. Oh how awesome is that! Thanks for renews my faith that finding true love again can actually happen!
  11. Don't ya love it when that sort of thing happens! :smile:

    Years ago my dad died suddenly. Shortly after the funeral my aunt, who thought she was in menopause, discovered she was pregnant. Six months later on my dad's birthday she had the son she and her husband had always wanted. Pretty darn cool.
  12. :tup: That's a great story. It's always good to get reminders to just press on when things are going wrong and life is hard.
  13. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. As the mother of a severely autistic 16-year old, I can only imagine what it must have been like for this woman. She was truly fortunate to have you as her friend to help her out in her time of need and it is so nice to hear that she has found happiness!
  14. Wish my happiness come by's been 1.5 year since I raised my baby alone, I keep on feeling guilty about not spending time with her, but I get so drained after everyday's work and she'd slept already. She's nearly 3 yrs old.
    Really hard being a single mom and trying to have income to raise a kid plus support my parents.
    I really really wish a knight in shining armour would come by soon....cos sometimes I just can't stand this life anymore.
  15. That's awesome. I am glad she was able to heal and move on.

    Yes, definitely show us pics of the cake!!