How late were you?

  1. I was just wondering, what is the latest your AF has been without being pregnant? I know that stress can throw your cycle off and I have heard recently that airplane travel can do that as well however, I am not sure how accurate that is.
  2. Actually, the thing about travel is true...I am usually 30 days on the DOT (with a few times swining up to 32 days) and the last time I went to Europe, my cycle ended up being 42 days. I totally thought I might be PG as I had really sore and tender bbs plus lower backache and a mild headache- but in the end, it was just stress and travel related.
    Progesterone mimics the symptoms of pregnancy, that's why it's so hard to tell sometimes as the symptoms of PMS and pregnancy are almost identical! Same hormone (this is in reference to your other thread):yes:
  3. Once last year (I have been trying for 2 years now) it was 5 days late. I was so bummed.
  4. I just took the HPT and I AM PREGNANT AHHHH!!