how late is too late to eat?

  1. i cut myself off around 8:00, but that's at the latest.

    what time do you all stop eating/snacking?

    ..and does it really make THAT much of a difference if you eat late when you're trying to lose weight?
  2. it makes a difference:yes:
    It depends on your bed time, I personally don't eat after 6 or 7 pm though, I go to bed around 10-11pm.
  3. A few hours before you go to bed, but the earlier, the better.
  4. I just read that it doesn't matter what time of day you eat - it's the total day consumption that counts - having said that, I always go to sleep on an empty stomach- hate that full feeling at bedtime and I keep my weight just where I want it.
  5. probly like 10-11 is not good becuase the
    food will just sit there
    i think ??
  6. 3 hours before bedtime is what i've heard...but i eat and go to bed after all the time. i need to kick that habit.
  7. I heard it's not good to eat too late when you are trying to lose weight.
    I always try to eat around 6-7 pm. I go to bed around 12-1 am
  8. I've never noticed a difference. If I'm hungry I can't fall asleep. I try not to eat a lot late at night though. I go to bed often really late, like 3 a.m. I don't know when the latest I eat is though. I'll actually get out of bed and get a snack if I'm really hungry but it's small, like a slice of turkey or something.
  9. my general doctor told me not to eat after 6 at all.. (but i always hear stop eating 3 hours before u go to sleep.) and i believe it does make a difference.. :yes:
    i go to be around 9-10.. at max at 11..
  10. uh oh.

    i eat at all whenever i'm hungry, and it's 11:47pm i just had a couple of chocolate covered almonds from dove (yum)

    my nutrient teacher (one of, not the best) said it didn't matter what time you ate just overall how much you eat a day and the amount of sleep (sleep actually burns cals)

    BUT i don't know if it's true or not, seeing as how she wasn't the best nutrient teacher and the other one i had didn't really cover food food so much as food and politics

    also, i do not eat until around lunch on the days i don't have work because i don't wake up until today, i just ate korean for lunch, dinner was a very small portion of rice with yummy white sauce and a piece of mushroom (i was finishing up midterms and usually do not eat home on thurs so they ate most of the dinner!!) and a slice of tomato sauce pizza, no cheese.

    and a whole lotta chocolate


    also kinda OT but i LOVE your sig. pic KamiD! that is such a cute cat behind the vuitton!! adorable :love:
  11. I think what matters the most is the overall number of calories you consume per day. But I guess at what time of the day you eat does make a difference, so even if you were eating only 500 calories per day (which I definitely don't recommend, I'm just using it as an example) it would be better to eat those 500cal in the morning than right before going to bed.
    To be honest I eat all day long, until maybe 10 minutes before I hit the sack, and I don't eat the most healthy foods (ice cream, chocolate, cakes, etc - I even have a food blog to prove it!) but because I keep track of my caloric intake and I exercise almost every day I find it pretty easy to keep my weight where I want it.
  12. I follow the calories in calories out theory and don't worry too much about the times that I eat, I think this is different for everyone and it also depends on how consistent you are. If you eat dinner every night @ 8 then your body is probably use to it. I'm no expert but do have a degree in public health so I've studied this in school and in myself, I've never been overly concerned about the time I eat and I've yet to have a weight issue, I'll be 32 soon and am 5'6" and 110. I've always kinda paid attention to my calories I think that's most important, portions are just too large now, my husband and I actully usually share a dinner out because the portions are so large and we hate to waste food..... I do believe everyones body responds to situations differently too, what works for one may not work for someone else. Another factor I am sure of is the quality of food, if you really want to make a difference in you body whole grain, low sugar, no artificial fats or fillers, and only "good" fats and "real" food is the way to get that. The only "diet" I see advertised that looks worth anyones time is that Zone Chefs diet and I think it's a fortune, but if you can afford it I think it's a good option out there! If I wanted to spend the money I would do it just for the ease of having good meals prepared for my husband and I so I didn't have to cook them myself all the time!
  13. thank you! i couldn't resist putting it in my signature. two of my favorite things. :yes:
  14. Ugh! When will this myth end?
    to an extent it does matter when you eat. For an example, if you're lifting, you'd want to consume protein right afterwards, cause that's when your body will be using it to begin repairing, and building up muscle. However, in the grand scheme, calorie intake is calorie intake. If you eat 500 calories at night, sure your body might not burn them while sleeping (even this is showing to be a myth as it's been shown that when you sleep your metabolism is higher due to your body repairing itself from that day's work), but when you wake up, they'll get burned during that day. Eat again at night and the cals will get burned the following day and so on and so on. The timing of caloric intake really doesn't matter. What I think most people notice, and their reasoning for thinking it matters, is that since they're not eating past 6pm or 8pm, they're not taking in extraneous calories and that is what the weight loss is from, not cause the body is burning calories more efficiently. What happens is that most people cut their intake hours down, but don't really make up for that by shuffling around the time and same amount of foods they eat. So they eat breakfast, lunch, then dinner at 6pm, whereas before they'd eat breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, then snack around 9 or push dinner back to 8 or 9 and snack during the day.
    Basically, it still comes back to eating right, rather than when you eat.
  15. ^ i totally agree. if you are continually sleep-deprived you will find that you keep putting weight on, no matter how hard you try to diet. I also think that when you start denying yourself anything it becomes an obsession. the best is to eat right and watch calorie intake overall. but i will eat at 9 if I am hungry