How late is Dinner for you?

  1. Ive never had a really rigorous schedule regarding my three main meals...and I want to late do you eat dinner so that your dinner doesnt sleep with you at night and affect your weight?

    I hear that 7pm should really be a max hour to eat at night....what do you think???
  2. I heard 6pm, but that's impossible for those who work till 5 and need to get home to cook dinner and all. 7 or 8pm is good. The rule I hear is do not eat three hours before bed.
  3. I always heard from my coaches and nutritionist not to eat after 8. Which I do agree with. I think 6-7 is a good range- but it is important not too eat too close to bed
  4. i try to eat dinner before 6, but doesn't work so well when i eat wit the boyfriend, whose family eats dinner around 10.......

    has anybody else noticed that when you eat a full meal very close to bedtime you wake up feeling ridiculously hungry (like i'm so desperate i'd eat my pillow hungry)?........try to avoid eating after 9 because of makes me crazy :wacko:
  5. I eat dinner around 6:30 p.m., and my nighttime snack around 8:30 to 9 p.m. :biggrin:
  6. It was Oprah who said never eat after 8pm (if you live a normal 9-5 routine).

    I could never live in NY - I hear in the city they eat dinner at 9-10pm - OMG - I am in bed at 10pm, LOL :P
  7. I usually don't get home until 7:30 so my dinner is usually around 8:15
  8. As soon as I get home - like 6 or so. Maybe even 5:30.
  9. me too! i eat dinner as soon as i get home from work - 530 -6pm... the lastest i eat dinner is 7pm... if time passes by then no dinner!!!
  10. I eat dinner at 9 and I've always eaten it then. It's definitely 3 hours before I go to bed...usually more.
  11. I at times, eat around 10 pm but then again, I go to bed around 1 or 2 in the morning so I gues that's fine.. but yes, I am an insomniac and always have tons to do anyways...
  12. my rule. no later then 7pm.
  13. My twins go to bed at 7pm sharp and my dauighter goes to bed at 8pm. So we eat pretty early. . . 5:30pm usually. I rarely eat after that.
  14. I had ice cream last night at 9pm and was sure that hell had frozen over - I NEVER eat past 8pm - because of Oprah and my desire to keep saddlebags on motorcycles. But, last night I had to have some ice cream - now, because of the sugar I was up until 1am - guess that evens it out and teaches me not to do that. :P
  15. My family comes home late so we usually have dinner around 8pm. Then I'll get hungry and snack around midnight and go to sleep at 2am. I know... I have a mess up schedule. Maybe that explains why I'm always dozing off in the morning. :lol: