How juicy is this!!!

  1. Sweet!!!!!!
  2. Cute!!!!
  3. I vote Balenciaga
  4. cute,very nice,but I like gucci,lv,hermes better.
  5. my vote goes to Balenciaga!
  6. I think the bag from active endeavors featured in an earlier thread is a bit "juicier"
  7. And this one is Juicy Fruit!

  8. i like it!
  9. WOW, all of those are gorgeous!
  10. well, my fave of those is the Balenciaga in green . I have a weakness for that color, especially with the giant hardware. But I love the green patent from Goldenbleu, too. I just love green bags.
  11. OOOH- shiny!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. Vote for B & D !! Shiny bling bling. =)
  14. If you like green you might like this at BG, Gustto Torlia.
    gustto torlia in green.jpg